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    Is this a case for joist sistering?

    Hi. I own a 1930s semi-detached house in Greater London. There is about two feet of crawl space under the house. I have noticed that the floorboards under a certain part of the house (at the base of the stairs) are creaking really loudly, almost sounding like they're banging on something...
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    Repairing possible damage to floor joists

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Didn't mean to launch a debate on Edwardian/Georgian/etc. style! Mine is just a bog-standard, inter-war semi-detached house of which there are millions all over the country. Very standard style. For what it's worth, I think it was actually finished during...
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    Repairing possible damage to floor joists

    Hello - I have owned a 1930s Edwardian semi-detached house for about eight months. It is a very standard layout: when you walk in the front door, the stairs go up to the first floor along the outside wall, the corridor next to the stairs goes back to the kitchen, and the front and rear lounge...