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    Squeezing 5 inch ducting out a 127mm cored hole

    Hi all, I have cut a hole with a 127mm diamond corer, in order to take what was advertised by TLC as 120mm solid pipe. This is to duct a cooker hood. The pipe is actually 125 ID and 127 OD nd the fit is extremely tight. I can only find 125mm pipe so far, not 120mm. Does anyone have experience...
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    Can you frame a partition wall on an uneven concrete floor?

    Hi All, I have a concrete floor which is pretty uneven, full of steep local dips and rises of more than 12mm, and far from level. I will be levelling it with latex or something, as it needs to be approaching SR1 for the floor covering. Some of the floor is newly laid (replacing excavated bit)...
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    Plugging hole before screeding floor

    Thanks a lot for your advice vinn, really appreciate it, and I'll try what you suggest. I will box it in, and because of the location of windows, the framing for this box ought to be partially overlapping those gaps (which concerned me!)
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    Plugging hole before screeding floor

    The void is just continuous, the flat below has a box around this riser space so there isn't a ceiling, just a void right the way down. The wall you spotted is the external wall, it has a little notch that the blob of concrete on the pipes is notched in to, to help support it. There's no gas...
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    Plugging hole before screeding floor

    Hi all, I am preparing to screed my concrete subfloor, having pulled out the old one which was uneven and full of redundant pipework. I am the top-floor flat and there is a riser for the soil pipe, mains water feed etc running inside the flats. There is a gap between the structural concrete...
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    Small flat upper storey concrete floor: DPM needed?

    Hi all, Any information or help with this would be really appreciated. My wife and I just bought an old council flat, 50s construction, on an upper storey. The floor is a concrete slab, there's another flat beneath it. Neighbour says that flats used to be floored with tiles throughout, is...
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    Small flat replumb, mains & cold water storage tank - which supplies to use?

    Haha, excellent! Thanks for pointing out that I should check how much variation of the mains flow rate there is at peak times, I'll do so.
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    Small flat replumb, mains & cold water storage tank - which supplies to use?

    Thankyou muggles! I like the idea of just using mains, but could there be any advantage to keeping the storage supply, for anything? The tank will still be up there of course it's for the block, but any disadvantage at all of eschewing my connection to it?
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    Small flat replumb, mains & cold water storage tank - which supplies to use?

    Hi All, I'd really appreciate some enlightenment with this. My wife and I bought a flat which is at the top of a council block and it's in a really bad way and was clearly plumbed and wired by cowboys, we are gutting it and will be re-plumbing it. I'm trying to picture the desired general...