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    Old Drayton TRV leaking from head

    We've got a radiator which has been unused for some years. Yesterday I turned the valve on and left the room warming. Found that it had leaked overnight. Water is coming out between the base of the plastic housing of the TRV and the locking ring. The TRV is pretty dirty, and there was a bit of...
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    Danfoss 103 Timeswitch - Slipping Tappets

    I've got a basic Danfoss 103 timeswitch for controlling the heating/hot water. But recently I've noticed the red and blue tappets will end up not tripping the pre-selector wheel. Instead they'll reach the position for the current time and will remain there while the rest of the dial slips past...
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    Red Two-Speed Grundfos Super 4 replacement

    The C/H pump is beginning to sound like it's on its last legs. As the title says, it's a red two speed Grundfos Super 4 currently servicing a semi-detached property with eight radiators. Details on the pump are: No. UK7625 2500 r/min Type 4.50/130 50 Hz 1 Phas 220-240 V 105 W 4.0 uF...
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    Central heating blockage, airlock or something else?

    Further to a previous post - - I decided to see if a dose of Fernox F3 Superconcentrate Central Heating Cleaner would help me with my lukewarm hot water. I squirted it into the radiator in the bathroom - losing a bit of water in the process...
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    Radiator TRV snapped off - recommend adhesives

    Whilst moving a suitcase I managed to snap off the head of a radiator TRV. It's quite a clean break, leaving the lowest plastic bit of the head still within the knurled ring. I'll get a new TRV but as a short-term fix I'm looking to glue it back together. Is there a specialist plumbing...
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    Hot water not so hot

    Thanks for all your help. I've been away for a week but I'm arranging to get a mate in to descale the system. Final question regarding the thermostats - just so I understand my system. I was trying to understand why my boiler wasn't always firing up even on it's highest setting. I...
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    Hot water not so hot

    I've looked at everything and I'm pretty sure all I have is the one pump and no motorised valve. It looks like a pretty manual setup. From the boiler I've got a pipe going to the pump - which is a Two Speed Grundfos Super 4. Above the pump the pipe branches into two. I'm guessing these two...
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    Hot water not so hot

    As far as I know I've only got the one pump next to the boiler. Motorised valve? Not sure what I'm looking for there. I check the setup fully tomorrow and report back. Thanks for your help so far Tony, Kev and the others who've replied.
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    Hot water not so hot

    Haven't tried bleeding with the lockshield closed as yet but I've tested the hot water with the lockshield both closed and one turn open. In both cases, with the tap stat head off (and pin fully up) it seems as if the flow and return pipes ARE giving the 10 degree difference in heat although...
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    Hot water not so hot

    I presume you mean bleed with the TRV/top stat closed. I didn't but I have done now. Didn't seem to be any air coming out though - how long should I bleed it for though? Anyway I'll see if that makes a difference. And if there's gunk in the system how do I clear it out - inhibitor, flushing...
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    Hot water not so hot

    Here's a photo of the pipes at the top of the hot water cylinder. I've since taken the tap stat head off. I've also bled the vents from the flow and return pipes (the two bits sticking up). The flow pipe (the one on the left) is boiling hot all the way to the top of the cylinder. The return...
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    Hot water not so hot

    Try telling my missus that. She has her baths deep and the water hot enough to lift the skin off your body. :lol: The pin in the head is fine - spring loaded and pushes in and out. The pin in the body I could only move with pliers. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of movement in it...
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    Hot water not so hot

    OK, I've checked the small tank in the loft. It's about a third full of water - pretty sludgy water at that. I've not put any Sentinel in myself but there is an empty container by the tank which suggests the previous owner did. This could be close to ten years ago. I can take the head off...
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    Hot water not so hot

    Our hot water is not so hot. Previously we could run a full bath of hot water with no problem. Now, after about 30 seconds, the water begins to run tepid. We have an indirect water system with gas central heating run by an Ideal Classic RS250 boiler. The central heating still works. The...