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    Potterton Baxi Combi 80e gas valve

    I thought you said in your last post that it did fire up but died after a few seconds.
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    Shower waste into horizontal soil pipe?

    Thanks RR - I couldn't imagine any theoretical or practical reason not to do this, but nice to know someone who has and that it works :D .
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    Potterton Boiler fires up for few seconds then dies away

    Similar thing happened to me some years ago on one of the coldest nights for 20 years. In my case it turned out to be the thermocouple(which tells the boiler that the flame is working) had failed so the boiler kept shutting off the gas valve.The gas engineer I called out knew what it was...
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    Shower waste into horizontal soil pipe?

    I'm refurbing my downstairs toilet/shower room and connecting to an unvented stub stack. In the new layout the shower will sit between the toilet and the stack. Is it OK to connect the shower waste using a very short 40mm pipe run direct into the horizontal(ish)110mm waste that runs from the...