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    Data and Phone cables to outbuilding

    Hi Can I ask a quick question on this (and I'll be as specific as my limited knowledge allows hahaha)? I've got an outbuilding which is being made into a bit of an office space, I am running new power to it (probably armoured or "concentric" cable) overhead using a catinary wire. What's...
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    Replacing power to an outbuilding

    Thanks Plug! I've been in touch with my local council regarding this now and they said: To comply with the Building Regulations, unless the work is being carried out by a Part P competent electrician, you are required to submit a Building Notice to the authority, together with the...
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    Replacing power to an outbuilding

    Oh... after all that I forgot to ask something :) Does anyone know if there's any problems likely by including a couple of network (Cat5) cables attached to the catinary (next to the PVC or SWA mains cable)? Don't want to do that if it just causes "noise" and impacts on a good "network"...
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    Replacing power to an outbuilding

    Hi, I'm in a victorian mid-terrace. General wiring seems to have been updated with no "rubber" wires left although a few of the old "bakerlite" type round switches are still here and I'm gradually changing them. There's a two-floor outbuilding (brick built, used as a garage and previously...