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    What's going on?

    sounds like you have ad-ware or malware on your system, maybe even a virus. get a malware scanner like Malwarebytes
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    Damp wall - caused by air brick at ground level?

    as you mention a similar damp patch on the other side of the chimney breast, is the chimney in use or capped? rain water could be coming down the chimney and causing the damp.
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    Mounting tv on dot and dab wall

    had never heard of these fixing, will be using them in future.
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    Mounting tv on dot and dab wall

    mark the bracket position, cut out plasterboard and fit battens in place to mount the bracket to and fix battens with screws and plugs :)
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    Fix a leaking compression joint without draining the CH?

    was my first thought after seeing that plastic pipe was used.
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    laser printer leaving a white stripe OKI B4100

    Try uninstalling and re-Installing the printer, could be a corrupted driver or file.
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    Laptop has died

    got 3/4 laptops here ready to bin unless you could use them olly_k