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    Vibrations originating from new hot water cylinder

    Installer abroad at mo. Any more details?
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    Vibrations originating from new hot water cylinder

    Calling all plumbers! I recently had a new oil boiler and mains pressure cylinder fitted (with the view to going solar in time). It worked fine for 2 weeks, but has just started making vibrations that resonate in the upstairs rads loud enough to wake us up in the mornings. The vibrations...
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    I want to wire 4 or 5 downlighters in place of a flourescent tube light in my kitchen, keeping the existing switch as is. Can I wire them in sequence without using numerous junction boxes? What diameter cable should I use? The ceiling the downlighters will be in is below a roof cavity...
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    Pesky wallpaper paste!

    Here's a good one... I recently redecorated my bathroom - I removed the existing wallpaper, washed the walls down with sugar soap until I my right arm was like Geoff Capes's, then rinsed them off too. I then painted the walls with water based emulsion and I am pleased with the finish...