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    Wireless CCTV solution required

    Hello Again, And another thing, I would like the option of IP connection too. Thanks, JR
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    Wireless CCTV solution required

    Hi Everyone, I am in need of some assistance and the following scenario needs to be addressed; I need to set up a wireless cctv system for a minimum of 8 camera's. The building is a house converted in to a dental surgery. Concerns; Interference? what is the quality I should be...
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    Suppliers of bespoke furniture to the trade...?

    Hi there, I use this company They know what they are doing and to the trade support is also good I used to deal with the mainstream guy until I was recommended Eliza James by a trader. Thanks, JR.
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    Help - Matching Worktop\Laminate Sheet To Go With B&Q Do

    Hi, I beleive they have a problem with the landline. try again on 0208 531 5660 They are based in waltham forest. not fat from the Costco on the A406. Regards, JR
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    cutting a high gloss kitchen door - possible or not?

    Hi, Is it a laminate finish or a lacquered finish??? Would it not be simpler to buy a door that size there are avarious companies on line that do that sort of stuff you could also try one that I use and recommend; Regards, JR
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    facing problem regarding mdf surface any possible solution

    Did you manager to resolve the problem? Regards, JR
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    Cornice for kitchen cupboards

    Hello There, You could try this company; I am more than certain they will be able to provide you with the cornice you require and possibly able to match the existing cabinets too. Alternatively contact UWP on 01708 726 736. Hope this helps. JR.
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    facing problem regarding mdf surface any possible solution

    Hi, Which company do you purchase the MDF from? please provide me with their details and I will follow up on this for you. Regards. JR
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    Help - Matching Worktop\Laminate Sheet To Go With B&Q Do

    Hi there, I use a company called Eliza James and they should be able to help you with your requirements. Hope this helps. Regards, JR[/url]
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    MDF "thingy" - what is it called please?

    Hi, Contact these guys too; I they do also sorts of stuff besides their mainstream products, I have used them to manufacture various bespoke funiture and other items. Good luck with you quest. :) Regards, JR
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    U Shaped Kitchen Worktop Joining Advice

    Hi there, If you plan to continue fitting worktops then your best bet for a good looking finish would be to get a router and a jig. Should be able to pick one of these up from Screwfix. If not, then you can get someone in to do it for you at approx £120. If neither of these are an...
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    facing problem regarding mdf surface any possible solution

    Which CNC/Press are you using? I already responded on another post to you on this subject. Use a moisture resitant MDF board or a high Density MDF board. This will help resolve the problems you describe. Regards, JR
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    MDF finishes

    You need a better quality MDF for that process. Try a high density MDF board or moisture resistant MDF board. You will still require some light sanding down after the CNC process but it will be a much better finish. Regards, JR
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    Door Width Questions (Kitchen type) - Plans included!

    Hello Damo, You will require 1 door to cover the shelf unit 2382mm (h) x 419mm (w) assuming the width in the image is correctly stating 396mm as the internal measurement. Middle door will be 2382mm (h) x 405mm (w) Door on right will be 2382mm (h) x 414mm (w) And you will not really...
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    MDF in bathroom?

    MR MDF is in existence and is probably the best choise. Rgds, JR
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    kitchen doors

    I use a company called Eliza James and they are based in London give them a shout and you'll get the right advice, they do bespoke and have a huge range of options that the mainstream do not. I have had my fair share of problems with Howdens and the likes and found these guys to be really...
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    double kitchen cupboard

    I would suspect that the worktop would require to be lifted for the single unit to go into place. This may be a pain without lifting out the worktop but can be done and I would assume you would be looking in the region of 250 pounds for the job. Having said that there are many people out there...
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    Fixing water seepage damage to kitchen work surface?

    Hi there, You could possibly use some colourfill or colorfill most mainstream chains carry it and is usually used to fill the gaps in joins. Depending on the damage you could potentially use it, slap it on and let it dry and then use some nail polish remover to remove the excess. Hope this...
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    Problem with pull-out larder door

    Hafele do several pull outs and in some cases they only pull out half way. is it possible for you to tel which model it is and I can verify for you. If it is a full length pull out then it may not be fitted correctly. Sometimes the screws in the top rail can be a problem if the unit is not...
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    bi-fold doors - why dont fitters like them?

    Hi there, Wickes hold a good range of bi-fold doors and they are fairly simple to fit. I have little spare around my boiler tank cupboard and installed a bi-fold door to utilise the access space when I had the tank removed and turned it into storage space, the door works like a charm...