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    Pros & Cons of different Central Heating Systems

    I am intending replacing central heating system soon for various reasons, and have searched long and hard both here and elsewhere for the relative pros and cons of conventional versus combi systems as well as seeking advice from a number of plumbers. Thing is ... nowhere seems to detail an...
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    Fiat Punto misfire

    I had a misfire problem with a p reg punto recently - aparently it it quite commonly caused by a faulty 'coil pack' of which their are two under a cover on the top right of the engine. A got mine checked out at fiat and they confirmed that was the fault. The coil pack cost around £40 but...
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    Concerns over plumbing when siting appliances outside-ish

    Thanks for the replies... The cupboard is virtually weatherproof - doors do not have proper frame therefore there may be some ingress of water on the floor (which is at outside ground level)
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    Concerns over plumbing when siting appliances outside-ish

    I have a large space under the stairs in a small extension to my house. It is only accessible from outside via shed type doors, but is of brick cavity wall construction and joined to one side wall of the existing building. I would like to re-site my washing machine, tumble dryer and maybe...