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    Want To Build a small garden office

    I've spoken with the designer and hes been keen to show me some of his work;
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    Want To Build a small garden office

    Thanks for the advice so far guys. In terms of planning, I'm on with that one. Don't think it is going to be an issue....but obviously going to have to be careful ith the height. I'm currently thinking timber frame....around 3.5m x 2.5m I like the idea of finding some reclaimed materials...
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    Want To Build a small garden office

    Pretty would be ideal. If I wanted convention I would probably go for something like this;
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    Want To Build a small garden office

    This is my first post on the forum, so hello everyone. By this token you can probably guess how much expert/serious DIY I have undertaken….not very much. My experience is limited to a bathroom, painting and decorating and a kitchen install. However, I’d now consider something serious...
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    Question Post Over The Weekend?

    Over the weekend I posted quite a large question regarding cavity wall insulation. For some reason it seems to have been removed from the forum. Would this be that an op has deleted (I havent received a message saying so). Should I re-post the question?
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    Cavity Wall Question - Is it a bad job

    We recently had cavity wall insulation fitted, and I think they may have made a mistake...but Id like to get some further advice before taking it up with them; We have four vents around the front and side of our property, which are simple air vents. I was under the impression that when...