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    Volvo 940 ABS lamp lit.

    dont bother responding to tonys posts he doesnt follow them up
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    Condensation from toilet

    Ceramic cistern will make problem far worse.Cure is to line inside cistern with thin waterproof polystyrene foam (have used laminate flooring underlay)be carefull not to foul ball valve. You should be able to make a complete "jacket" from one piece then cut another peice for base.Firstly though...
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    Ford 1.8 diesel L reg / hard to start in mornings ........

    Common fault on these is faulty fuel primer (black knob used to prime diesel up when you run out of fuel) air gets into fuel system overnight resulting in bad/no starting.To confirm problem try priming system by pushing black knob in several times (you should feel resistance increasing with each...
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    use of lead replacement additive in petrol

    Have a mechanic ****** ignition timing to suit unleaded.You shouldnt need to use an additive.
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    van trackers

    Anyone have any views on company van trackers-and can you switch them off discretely?
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    1989 Metro losing power

    Problem could be carb float valve sticking/worn which would account for the time you have to wait for it to start again.Try new valve and clean through carb.
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    Parking (Dropped Curb)

    My council are coping with this problem by asking all residents if they object to parking in front of dropped kerbs to register their objection on a supplied form.The councils appointed parking enforcement co. will have this info on their hand held computer and issue tickets to any vehicle...
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    peugeot 405 gtx timming belt

    Which engine?
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    Candy Fridge-Freezer Problem

    can you hear compressor running? (deep humming noise) if not try turning temp control to max.Running or not ?
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    ford mondeo keys

    Try nearest ford main dealer take registration doc & i.d. They may be able to obtain key no. or hopefully new key.Only other way is yank off fuel cap with stilsons, take cap to locksmiths, they can make a key that will open doors.However this key wont start engine (no chip)
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    '53 Reg Renault Clio - Misfiring

    Problem may just be spark plugs.You need to get to them take off plastic cover on top, you will eventually see plug leads.Try new plugs, if no improvement post again.
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    Ford Escort oil smoke on cold start!

    valve stem seals. (cvh engine) You need tool to compress valve spring.Under £10 from good motor spares shop.The plan is to work on one cylinder at a time.Remove valve cover (rocker box) No need to remove cyl head,turn engine by hand so no.1 piston is at tdc on compression stroke,(check marks...
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    beading on laminate flooring

    Buy a mitre box from any diy store about £3. Will cut beading at the correct angle.
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    Weird Steering Problem...Please Help if you can...

    Later models with power steering have an electric motor powering the rack.The motor could be faulty,there is nothing you can check yourself take car to specialist asap, could get dangerous.
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    Timing belt

    These engines suffer from wear in timing chain/tensioners. take off cam cover to expose chain,chances are you can pull chain up easily by hand- you will see how slack it is.This causes valve timing to be off making engine run poorly.Before too long chain etc. will fall off causing big damage.You...
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    Weird Steering Problem...Please Help if you can...

    does car have power steering?
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    gas cooker constantly clicking

    hi can anyone tell me why my new world gas cooker constantly clicks when oven is in use? Seems to be failsafe sparking mechanism problem, doesnt do it if just using hob.
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    problems with cold mondeo

    problem could be oil related.old gungy oil or incorrect grade will affect hydraulic tappets, reducing valve clearances so valves will not close properly for first few minutes.Remedy is change oil & filter making shure of using correct grade of oil.(5-40 synthetic) Check in book.
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    Replacing heat exchanger in Vaillant VCW GB 242EH Combi

    isolate boiler from electrical supply.Remove the four screws holding in the control box.Slide control box forward to access electronic circuit board.Identify bridge wire w18 on board, carefully cut wire to break link.Slide control box back & replace screws.As for the disc you will have to remove...
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    solid wood flooring glue

    dazu flooring glue, its waterproof.