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    Where can i find a bath shower mixer taps with 150mm centres ?

    How about a mixer bar if it is to shower the dog
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    Acceptable Moisture Level in Roof Rafters

    Thank you. Will check again in Spring
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    Acceptable Moisture Level in Roof Rafters

    Hi all Getting boxes down to put away Xmas Dec's and used my Schneider Moisture Meter on the roof timbers. Most measuring 16% with the occasional 18% Is this something to worry about? Doesn't smell particularly damp up there.
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    Foghorn noise within my house

    Do you have an external pressure vessel?
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    Kitchen sink waste leak

    Your existing new washer and ptfe tape on the threads.
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    Leak from upstairs bathroom

    Basin waste probably runs under the floor to the same location and leaking at join there. Tiles hopefully won't need to come up as can cut into that boxing in next to the toilet.
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    Leak from upstairs bathroom

    Depends on how waste from basin is routed. Take some photos upstairs.
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    Leak from upstairs bathroom

    Looks like that is waste/soil stack related. Possibly a join to the main stack but impossible to tell with the info given. Can't answer access question as no idea what access there is upstairs. Potentially access under bath assuming it's in that position. It looks like an internal stack that...
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    New Socket via Outside Wall

    Hi all I want to add another socket in my living room. Easiest route would be to drill through existing backbox to outside, then some form of suitable conduit before coming back inside. What would you recommend to house the cable on the outside wall? Was looking at Tower 25mm conduit and...
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    Discoloured bath panel

    Doesn't look any worse than the lousy sealant job around the base.
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    New born baby- heating on all night?

    Good job they weren't anal with something else or you might not be a grandparent.
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    Short waste pipe

    Are you a plumber? Even I've got lengths of 32 and 40 in the garage. Might be worth keeping some of each in the van.
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    Leak at the back of toilet

    Where did I say they do?
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    Leak at the back of toilet

    Undo the nut, clean up the surfaces, roll a sausage ring of plumbers mate so it sits around the top above the threads and onto the top thread, do nut back up so it displaces the excess plumbers mate, peel off excess and put back in tub, job done.
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    Expansion vessel failure

    No keep it like that forever
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    Solar & Earthing

    But twice the price. Il be ĺeaving it I think. Solar still doesn't seem a cost effective option.
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    Solar & Earthing

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I've decided this isn't cost-effective or worth the hassle.
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    Advice on bathroom leak fix

    Perfect, add the hatch and youve given her additional storage space for shoes under the bath :)
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    Advice on bathroom leak fix

    What's the other side of the wall? I'd be tempted to add an access hatch as at some point in time you will need to get to the tap, pipes and waste etc anyway. Something "A4" sized like this fitted landscape which could be hidden behind a wardrobe/cupboard/bed/bookcase...