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    Radiator Swap

    I live in an old property and would like to change 3 standard panel rads to cast iron or a modern look alike style. My pipework is the smaller type 10. Would this be possible and would in need to take into consideration the boiler capacity? Edit Sorry guys just read a few other threads on this...
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    Hot Water Issues

    Hi Chris thanks for your reply the valve to the right is fully open. I've had another look at the cylinder and found a stat set at 40 (didn't realise we had one) I've recently had work done on the system so suspect the stat was turned down then. I've turned it up now so guessing that was the...
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    Hot Water Issues

    No cylinder stat fitted. Flow from the port to cylinder is at boiler temp. The return is mildly warm. I've bled the coil air valve. I can get hot water but not at the usual temp which is really hot. 60° + The gate valve above the pump has been partially open but I think it should be closed but...
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    Hot Water Issues

    Having hot water issues boiler is firing port valve is working but water not heating correctly. Should the gate valve above the pump in the picture be open or closed? Thanks.
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    HW Cylinder
  6. Phil's file

    Phil's file

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    Nest 3rd gen + programmer advice

    Looking to get a pro to install my Nest 3rd gen but I like to get a general understanding of the install. System is WB boiler on S plan and HW storage cylinder I would like to use existing wall stat wiring to power the 12v thermostat from Heatlink T1 T2 in tank cupboard. I've got a reasonable...