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    Scottish Building Warrant

    All, I'm looking for a company / individual who can help with a Scottish Building Warrant Application. They have to be Scottish based, ideally in Glasgow and versed in Scottish building regulations. We have a live application with a huge amount of supporting information but struggling to get...
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    Horizontal hot water tank

    Hi I'm looking for a horizontal hot water tank to hold about 30-40 litres that either runs off 12v or has a standard 1in BSP 240v heating element that I can replace with a 300w 12v version. Does anyone know of anything on the market that would do the job ? Thanks Stu
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    Live and Neutral have decided to swap

    Strange things are afoot... Over the past three weeks my main house trip has been going, getting more and more frequent. I've put a friends tester on the sockets and some are showing as live/neutral reversed. I've unplugged all appliances and its still the same. Some of the sockets are...
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    Sky cables wirelessly

    Hello all, I've got 2 aerial cables coming into one side of my living room from my Sky dish. The problem is that the TV is on the other side of the room and the cables are routed over a doorway and around a fireplace which looks terrible. Is there 'clever box' where I could plug the incoming...
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    Room stat and TRV set-up.

    Hi, Now I've got my flashy new boiler installed and all my dodgy old rads have been replaced the house is lovely and warm and all is well. However, I'd like some advice on setting up the room stat. The stat is a freestanding unit that you can move around the house. I've got it in the downstairs...
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    New boiler but one cold rad.

    Hi. Thanks for the reply. You've just inspired me to take a look at the pipework in more detail. Every other rad flows from a manifold just under the boiler and returns to another one at the end of the 22mm flow marked in blue (Which I assume is the return). My dodgy rad flows and returns from...
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    New boiler but one cold rad.

    Hi Had a new boiler fitted yesterday and now have wonderfully hot radiators in the house, all apart from one which is stone-cold. The new rad was installed last week and is brand new with a new TRV and replaced an ancient old rad that was deemed to be unsuitable for the new boiler to work with...
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    Baxi 105e fan light on

    Hi, Baxi 105e with flashing fan/flue fault light on. I've read the posts on here but they don't cover what mine is doing so apologies if I'm going over an old subject. On demand for heat or hot water there is a clicking noise on the PCB, the fan blips for just a second, takes about 4v...
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    Touchscreen thermostat not working

    Thanks for all your help
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    Touchscreen thermostat not working

    Many thanks. I've visited their page but cant see a link to download manuals anywhere. I've checked their technical support and installation pages but nothing.
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    Touchscreen thermostat not working

    Hi, I have a T2910W Digital room thermostat controlling my under floor heating but the touch screen isn't accepting any inputs. Its displaying all the current information ok and I suspect that I've activated the key-lock function somehow. Does anyone know how to deactivate the key-lock ...
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    Baxi with warm radiators

    Hi Tony' no not checked the filter. Do you know where it is. thanks Stu
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    Baxi with warm radiators

    Hello all, Got a Baxi 105e with cool central heating. Hot water is fine. The boiler will heat up to 80 degrees and the flame will cut off which is all fine. However, it wont kick back in until the temperature drops back below 40 degrees, hence the rads are just warm. Any suggestions...
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    Screed over tiles

    Hi Further to my earlier post we've now decided on the flooring we're going to use. Its got quite a thick base compared to the one we originally chose (looks about 4mm thick). The area I'm laying it in is the kitchen which is used all the time so if I could avoid messing with screeds etc at...
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    Screed over tiles

    Hi I need to replace my kitchen tiles with vinyl flooring and am looking for some advice on preparation. If at all possible I dont want to lift the old tiles, so wondered if there was a way I could apply a screed ? Thanks Stu
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    Looking for door sill

    Hi Anyone know where I can get 2 lengths of UPVC door sill, 150mm wide and about 35mm deep ? Thanks Stu
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    Baxi 105e fault flue/fan

    Are you allowed to verify that the third thing is the PCB :wink:
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    Baxi 105e fault flue/fan

    Hello all, Baxi 105e boiler with fault on flue / fan light flashing. Fan appears to be spinning freely and no blockage in the flue. Any suggestions ? Thannks Stu