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    Damage caused from not getting temporary roof

    Hi all We are just starting my biggest project yet and would appreciate some advice/opinions on weather it’s worth getting a temporary up and over scaffold roof. We are taking the roof off our bungalow and raising the ridge to create a new first floor, with 5 dormers. We have a builder who is...
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    Using first fix nail gun for cedar cladding

    Hi all, I’ve not done any cedar cladding before but have 38m2 to do. Gable ends and dormers. I know you are supposed to use stainless steel nails and a second fix gun, which I don’t have. Will my first fix IM350 paslode nail gun with 51mm nails be any good or will it just keep splitting? The...
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    Insulating dormer window

    Thanks Woody. Is that the aluminium foil tape? By no air gaps u mean it's ok to put the celtotex right up to the felt with no ventilation behind for the cheeks of the dormer? I always thought u needed 50mm airgap?
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    Insulating dormer window

    Hi, I would really appreciate some advice on the best way to insulate our dormer window. We have just moved and the place needs a complete refurb so thought it a good idea to insulate the loft rooms as they have no insulation at all. I was planning on 50mm of celotex all round but the problem...
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    Open fire doesn't heat room?

    Thanks doggit. Yes u r probably right. Our current heating is so inefficient and expensive I think that is our only option as it may be 5 years before we extend.
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    Open fire doesn't heat room?

    Thanks. Unfortunately the bungalow has electric heating throughout which costs about £8/day and it's still freezing so really looking for a nice open fire for the evenings. I guess something like this is what I need? 16 " Inch Sectional 4 Piece Clay Fire Back Surround Solid Fuel Coal Burner...
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    Open fire doesn't heat room?

    Foxhole, it's a 1954 bungalow and has no vents in the lounge. Concrete floors throughout and a tightly hung door
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    Open fire doesn't heat room?

    Thanks for the advice guys. I think wgt is correct as it literally has no back, it just goes straight into the chimney. So I guess the back directs the heat into the room. Could I pick up a second hand fire back to use? If I beat off those tiles either side to get the back in will that then mean...
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    Open fire doesn't heat room?

    Hi, Would appreciate some advice from somebody who knows about open fires. I've taken out the old backboiler and put in this open fire grate. Got chimney swept and passed the draw test (providing lounge door was open) It's only temporary as when we have the money to extend this will become...
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    Caulk or not to caulk?

    What's the best filler to use around the edge of a upvc window where the pcv window meets the wooden frame? I used caulk a few of years ago but have just spent a long time cleaning the upvc frame and scraping off all the caulk which had turned yellow. Is it better to use a bigger bead? Could I...
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    Plastered directly onto wooden stud

    Thanks Mike. A bit more long winded than I had hoped for but I think that is probably the only option.
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    Plastered directly onto wooden stud

    ok so I have a brick wall that has a timber 4x2 upright that makes the corner. Foolishly, at the end of a busy day I forgot to put a wire mesh over the 4x2 and put render directly onto the wall and over the 4x2. Then I finished with easy fill. Needless to say about a month later it cracked and...
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    advice on sub base for paving slabs

    Hi I'm currently giving my garden a complete makeover and would really appreciate some advice. I'm going to have a small paved area 5'x6' and a pathway leading to it that is 5'x 2' plus about 5 1'x1' stepping stones. I am using a mix of 1'x1' slabs and very large 2'x2' slabs both about...
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    What router for kitchen worktops

    Hi, would really appreciate some advice on what router to buy. I have done a carpentry apprenticeship about 5 years ago and hope to get back into doing it, though at the moment am just fitting my own kitchen. I want to buy a router for the worktop joins so just after some recommendations...
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    How long does ready mix concrete stay useable for?

    I need to reconcrete my yard as I had to brake it up to add a drainage channel and don't know a great deal when it comes to ground work so would really appreciate a few pointers. Firstly I have about 12 bags of ready mix that I bought about 10months ago but never got round to using them. The...
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    2nd kitchen upstairs

    Thanks buildingSurveyor and OwenDIYer some very usefull thoughts. I think that I need to ensure that I am not creating a self contained apartment, that it is still a normal house with 1 entrance, just there is an extra kitchen. In which case I just need to ensure I comply with the regs...
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    2nd kitchen upstairs

    Thanks for the replies. So basically I MUST go for building regs. It will not be HMO as I would have to have 3 or more lodgers I know it needs certain things like a fire door, heat detector linked to main smoke alarm, sufficient extraction etc What I am struggling to find regs on is...
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    2nd kitchen upstairs

    Hi there, I am in the process of installing a second kitchen upstairs for my 2 lodgers to use, whilst I use the main one downstairs. I am doing this by converting the smallest bedroom into a kitchen and would appreciate some advice on the regs. I am looking to use a free standing...
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    Which flue liner to go for

    Thanks Blagard. So this now brings me to think that for an wood burner I maybe need to go for 316/904...I think I'll give them a bell and see what they recommend(thought I'd get some advice first so I didn't end up getting unnecessarily sold the most expensive) Thanks for advice