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  1. KRB78

    Any ideas what this pipe is?

    Check your house plans? How was that pipe not found when the retaining wall was built?...surely the footings would have been deeper than that hole? either way do as other people have said change the root ball and leave well
  2. KRB78

    Garden shed leaning forwards

    depending what its sitting on, you could empty shed out and either car jack it up enough one end to put more supports in or get some mates round to lift it enough to put some supports in. either way because the wood has prob warped to this shape any new movements may mean the shed may have gaps...
  3. KRB78

    Garage conversion & second storey extension
  4. KRB78

    Cat menace

    this is safe on cats and not an evil
  5. KRB78

    Mortar in crazy paving

    bit like this....
  6. KRB78

    Mortar in crazy paving

    Hi, it is a pain in the arse but when its just been done it looks really good. Anyway, id say clean out any and all broken bits and grab a bag of sharp sand and a bag of cement . mix 4 spades sand with 1 spade cement or half and half if you want a really strong mix and make it slightly moist/wet...
  7. KRB78

    Full DIY House Renovation...

    wow..what a difference!...good work so far.
  8. KRB78

    New fence professionally installed just not

    .Has this been sorted yet...sounds like a bodgit and leggit type. He should have used at least 9ft posts (assuming 6ft fence +1ft gravel board =2ft in the ground.) At the very least he should have reduced your fence down in size to miss this pipe if it couldnt be moved. 6" in the ground is just...
  9. KRB78

    Garden Workshop (Block and Wood)

    Thats looking great...look forward to seeing the end result!
  10. KRB78

    Halogen floodlight question...

    the pirs should be ok...the main ones been ok up till would you replace the 120w with 10w and the 150w with 20w....are they as bright ?
  11. KRB78

    Halogen floodlight question...

    some of the items i would be using if its doable...if not i have the
  12. KRB78

    Halogen floodlight question...

    hi peeps, i currently have a 150 w floodlight on the wall with a pir but this is not working so good now. I am going to replace it with a new one and add a smaller 120w floodlight around the corner but wire two lights up into one power lead...i have asked a sparky mate if this is ok and he said...
  13. KRB78

    Halogen floodlight dialema

    Hi peeps, iv got a floodlight that after many years service has started to not work properly. It has trouble resetting itself and comes back on many many times. So seeing as the bulb unit still works i was wondering if it was doable to replace the pir unit with this...
  14. KRB78

    Covering Black Fence & Shed

    Pressure washer is a good first choice...always comes off our fence even when your not trying to get it off! otherwise get a mouse or small sander and do one side at a time...soon be done. 8-)
  15. KRB78

    Boundary wall

    Can you put any pics of it we can have a better idea of position?
  16. KRB78

    Neighbour fenced within the tree line- any legal consequences?

    It looks to me like he has put a fence up on his side of his land as it was too open without your fence being replaced. All you have to do is address the tree height or if indeed he wants them out and renew the original fence along your boundry. conifers are great in wide open spaces like fields...
  17. KRB78

    Boundary wall

    Yes, Gravel board should be fine as long as its the 12" or 1ft type and they may have to back fill or make good your drive after the fence has been put up...thats IMHO..
  18. KRB78

    Masonary screws or frame screws ?

    masonary screws should do the job well
  19. KRB78

    Any idea where this water is coming from

    safe to say there is a blockage at somepoint near those pipes and it will get messy but should just need unblocking and as the other person said you will need to make easy access to both gullys/drains.