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  1. bombata

    Pulsacoil A-Class Replacement

    I just wanted to update that I went with the Tristor Boiler - and have not had any problems so far. Thanks
  2. bombata

    Building Control gave "OK" to Lintel during mid-building inspection but now won't issue Certicate

    Hello, back in 2014 we gave building control notice that we were going to open up an existing window opening and create a new one. Being complete building novices - we read up and saw that we need to get the approval of building control. (I was never happy with the building work but that is...
  3. bombata

    Replacing Pulsacoil 2000 Boiler

    Hi Shoesmith! I was wondering what cylinder you opted for. I have the same problem. GoPlumbDirect - who work with the engineers who looked at my boiler offered me the tristor. However I cannot find any reviews - and am cautious about getting advice from the same company who sells them. Thanks
  4. bombata

    Pulsacoil A-Class Replacement

    Hello, I live in a new built flat. I only moved in May 2008 but as many of those places its falling apart. The storage boiler is leaking. It is a Pulsacoil A-Class Replacement and the Engineer from Pulsacoil London told me that the Cylinder needs to be replaced as it is erroded. Now I am...
  5. bombata

    Installing new hearth

    Hello, I have a question. In our living room we have a fireplace which a working chimney. As during housing renovations I deemed it too expensive to remove the chimney we decided to renovate the existing fireplace. We got the chimney cleaned and got an estimate to line it and install a...
  6. bombata

    Garden shed advice

    Hello, I ordered a 10x8 Tiger Shiplap Apex shed for £544.99. I also spend a lot of time researching it. I was a bit wary because I saw some bad reviews but there were fine. I also paid for them to put it up because my husband had broken his arm at the time, for about £180 but I would not...
  7. bombata

    Is a cavity tray with a concrete lintel a must?

    Hmmm thanks Ree. Drip caps do look like an intrusive way to direct the water from the window. I do not have to remove the windows to install the drip caps? We had the window openings with the lintels created, and then the building reg guy came to sign it off and then we had a FENSA windowfitter...
  8. bombata

    Blocking up exposed cavity after French door installation

    We stuffed some insulation into them? Not sure if that is the right thing to do but the building control inspector advised us to do it when he came round. Then the plasterer boarded it up and plastered over it.
  9. bombata

    Help make my front door less embarrassing?

    Hi, we had the same issue as you. We have a very ugly door and but it is pvc coated wood instead of PVC. I looked at getting a nice composite door but it was around 1k which we did not have. To add to the horrible looking door, ours was not properly hung and you could feel the wind blowing...
  10. bombata

    Is a cavity tray with a concrete lintel a must?

    Hello, I have been posting about my building nightmare with our new door/window opening for a while. However I might have discovered another potential problem. Last weekend my architect friend came to visit me and I showed her the house and also the windows. She agreed with me that the concrete...
  11. bombata

    How to hide a concrete Lintel

    I have not got the builder to come back, and he said he will remove the bricks on the wonky cut window, and replace them with new bricks. However I will need to find matching bricks now? And I only need about 16 or so of them. Do you know where I could get them? I was going to look at...
  12. bombata

    Builder threatening us

    I have not heard from him since he sent that text and he has not been too the house. I think he would be really stupid to break into our house and smash up our kitchen - after he sent me a text saying that is his plan, but you never know. I also contacted and they made a note...
  13. bombata

    Builder threatening us

    When he threatened us verbally I called up the police and gave them the builders name and address and they recorded an incident, but they said they cannot do anything while its just a threat. They told me that if he turns up at our house to call 999. But then it may be a little to late?
  14. bombata

    Builder threatening us

    We are currently in dispute with a builder. We hired a builder to fit out kitchen which he estimated would cost about £800. They worked at the kitchen for 2 days, saying it will take them 3 days but within the 2 days we found serious faults with their work. 1. They ranged from completely...
  15. bombata

    How to hide a concrete Lintel

    No building control came round and signed it off. I paid £335 building notice fee to spelthorne council. It was not the window company who cut the bricks but the same builder who fitted the lintels. I told him that I am not happy and he just said I should paint around it. I want him to...
  16. bombata

    How to hide a concrete Lintel

    Thanks! I think its a deception. The window company put lots of rubber on the sides to seal the wonky cut doors :-(
  17. bombata

    How to hide a concrete Lintel

    Oh thanks that is a great idea. I found this company. Maybe I can buy these tiles without having to slice the tiles?
  18. bombata

    How to hide a concrete Lintel

    Hello, I hope you can help me. I live in a 1960s purpose build terrace house and am in the process of renovating it. In order to give our house more light we widened the kitchen door and created a new window opening. I trusted the guy who I hired to create the window opening and fit the...
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