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  1. comptonspares

    Concrete asbestos garage roof.

    There is a common misconception that only a licensed removal agency or local authority can remove your tired asbestos garage. The Environment Agency will grant a license to a company to become a bonafide upper tier waste carrier. Even so, the company still has to have a means of legitimately...
  2. comptonspares

    Pre-fab garage roof

    In around October 1990 Compton Buildings moved from a very reliable roofing system to a less hard wearing substitute. In part, the problem was actually the absence of asbestos. Between 1990 and their demise in 2011, Compton Garages provided only two profiles which are identifiable by the...
  3. Compton Garage roof illustration

    Compton Garage roof illustration

  4. Letter from Compton Gages

    Letter from Compton Gages

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