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    Advice on torching on underlay on a flat roof canadian answer now in UK.
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    flat roof help

    yes it will, but you may have to do two coats. I used Liquid Rubber not agropol (having used another makers version, ity's very hard to use over a large area). Rubber is water based, easy to spread and 1100% flexible so will cover stones with no problems. Use the Lafarge version. Details on...
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    Standing Seam Roof panels

    Did a 6 mtr run x 4 mtr deep roof with raised beads (50mm wide 30 high). We cheated as it was only s'posed to last a year or so, but its been there 10 and still looks fine. Kingspan type wooden sheets with polystyrene backing (insulating) (so basically it was wooden sheets). We then used...
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    Repairing Railway Room Rendering

    just how 'railway' do you want to go how about stone bridge stantions, in render form? A tunnel style arch maybe??? Not as cheap as normalk render buy very very unique.
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  7. railway bridge

    railway bridge

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    Corrugated metal garage roof leaking

    yes MPRCC in Manchester 0800 630 0010 last time I looked.
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    algae and moss cleaning solutions

    searched web and found this on YooToob ROOF MOOSE OR MOUSSE ??? Not sure what is used to put it on though :?:
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  12. found on web

    found on web

    moss killer found on web
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    Corrugated metal garage roof leaking

    there are a few products. Fibre based like acripol, very sticker and messy but effective. Liquid rubber, better as it flexes with any movement and water based. Used plank on a roof recently, but much better with two.
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    Rendering Existing Yard Wall

    we had a decopierre finish done straight onto old render
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    decopierre wall on top of old brickd.
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    Masked man escorted from site!

    Dis, I keep telling you, if you insist on wearing the spiderman pyjamas they will escort you off site. Mask is one thiung, Licra skin tight jammies in red and blue is another. :lol:
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    Trade Waste Disposal

    just a quick note on this, borrowed a van to shift some junk and was told at the municipal tip (Wythenshaw manchester) that is would cost £100 per ton because I came in what looked like a builders van......., on a Wednesday........ between 3 and 5pm........ NO 'kin wonder people fly tip.
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    Pimp my pebbledash

    just found this :P