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  1. foxhole

    Cleaning Indian stone

    Just hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush brings it up and make sure you seal it when dry.
  2. foxhole

    Painting bathroom floorboards

    Is it a first floor bathroom , have the gaps been sealed to prevent water damage below?
  3. foxhole

    Downlight Replace and Damage Repair

    Yes LEDs will save you money .
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    Which fibreboard for my chalet bungalow

    My place is clad with cedral , looks fine.
  5. foxhole

    Bathtub - Can this be re-enamelled?

    Can be rubbed down and touched up with enamel paint . Re-enamel in situ is around twice the price of a new bath . Looks like it needs a new bath panel .
  6. foxhole

    Downpipe bracket screwed into felt roof

    The flat roof section does not need securing to roof , secure each end.Should not discharge into gutter but to down pipe.
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    Downlight Replace and Damage Repair

    Oversize downlight, no repair required...
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    Help running an ethernet cable for doorbell

    Fit wifi camera doorbell .No wire
  9. foxhole

    Window trims

    Uvpv trim
  10. foxhole

    Need to bend metal inside buggy frame so it holds wheel in place

    Poke into position, then pack with a piece of India rubber to keep in place but still allow movement.
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    Used Boss towers on Marketplace

    Why the concern , as long as you purchase in person and don’t send money .
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    How to renovate this antique fireplace
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    Kitchen worktop refresh

    Large format tiles, once did this in kitchen, hob and sink would need lifting to insert tiles under rim.
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    Cracks in chimney breast ground floor

    Cracks are minor and probably due to damp chimney drying and getting wet causing shrinkage cracks . Damp proofing was probllably totally unnecessary. More likely you’ve got a problem on the roof and no ventilation in the chimney which would’ve cured the damn problem.
  15. foxhole

    Tiling round electrical sockets in kitchen

    A force field
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    Replace air brick wasps nest

    Air brick is not damaged by nest which is similar to paper . You can buy a can of wasp nest killer .It’s a spray foam which you could spray on nest from both sides which will kill everything in it in a few minute . Then you should be able to vacuum out the nest .
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    Cleaning slate hearth?
  18. foxhole

    first time grouting

    Waste of time if any of the tiles are loose as the background may have failed.
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    Where to buy this type of threshold

    Bit of hardwood is better suited.
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    Wood floor - doorway, not sure what to do

    You adjust the first row width against the starting wall.