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  1. arfurrrr

    Changing existing texacom bell box to pryronix deltabell E . wiring

    Hi I want to swap my old texacom bell box to a deltabell e / plus box . Attached is existing wiring for texacom And also attached is my interpretation of how the deltabell should be wired. I have to swap 2 at mine both accessed via ladder and I wanted to make I got it right 1st time...
  2. arfurrrr

    Looking for an Expert

    Has it been serviced if its over a year
  3. arfurrrr

    Looking for an Expert

    How longs it been fitted
  4. arfurrrr

    Boiler has cold water dripping down an open pipe valve

    I'd be more concerned about it dripping , rather than the wasted water
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  6. arfurrrr

    First Post/ Gas/ Cooker/ Boiler/ no idea. Gas Safe?

    The cooker pipework is At Risk
  7. arfurrrr

    Pipestat help

    it 2 is the neutral it should not be connected when used as a frost stat
  8. arfurrrr

    Install 3 washing machines where there is no water !

    3 washing machines ? Is it a commercial application ? Are they commercial appliances ? The reason I ask is there are different water regulations for the installation of washing machines on commercial premises .
  9. arfurrrr

    worcester bosch warning

    This is the same hose It actually has 2 splits
  10. arfurrrr

    Under floor heating (wet) liquid screed

    Hi , I`ve had a couple of ideas thrown at me from some other tradesmen , non of which are tilers . One has said , just tile onto the screed (liquid version) and the other has said , there is a mat you can buy which you tile onto and then if the screed cracks the tiles don`t but what...
  11. arfurrrr

    Anyone else done a "fast track" trade course?

    may i suggest you contact ARGI and OPGO who maybe able to assist
  12. arfurrrr

    Anyone else done a "fast track" trade course?

    did you pay be credit card ? Or any part of it over £100 quid
  13. arfurrrr

    Timber Dimensions

    Thanks the roof pitch with 8 x 3 is 14 degrees , the tiles are marley modern . any ideas on the catnic lintel alternative
  14. arfurrrr

    Timber Dimensions

    Can anyone help me with the dimensions for some timber roof joists . I am building a rear extension extending 4mtrs , The overall span is 4mtrs , including 100 brick 100 cavity and 100 brick . The council said use 8 x 3 timbers , the 8" has caused a problem with the roof pitch ...
  15. arfurrrr

    Installing wireless roomstat

    heated debate i know . but if i fit and electric shower and discover the consumer unit is dangerous or the existing wiring then i need to make good prior to my works . this means i can rewire change cu . fit bonding etc etc . what i can't do is go and complete a rewire where i have no plumbing...
  16. arfurrrr

    Installing wireless roomstat

    your wrong . i have and i can . under limited scope too .
  17. arfurrrr

    Installing wireless roomstat

    When part p came most sparks laughed at it . As a gas man i found it incredible that after 4 days on a part p course i could legally rewire and test a house. I laughed at it too . Cheers easy . Illegal or not Part P is a massive money spinner .
  18. arfurrrr

    U trap on a bath How long

    what about using a HEPVO Trap
  19. arfurrrr

    Mains flushing toilets - available in UK?

    Connected to the mains ? I don`t think so