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    DIY Loft Conversion

    thanks both, didn't really have a budget as such....completely finished should come in around £25k but I've not been counting to be honest.
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    DIY Loft Conversion

    Thanks mate, yeah I've done everything except for fitting the big window (wouldn't have had the guarantee otherwise) and had my brother give me a hand here and there, especially with some of the lifting.
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    LED lighting install

    I'm not sure how these lights are mounted - do you have a router? you could cut a pocket/chamfer the edge of the strings and cap over the top, thats the easiest/quickest way I can think of. *edit* just looked at the picture and I can't see how a router would fit.
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    LED lighting install

    If you don't want them facing upwards, why not mount them sideways on top of the strings and add some scotia bead or something similar on top?
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    LED lighting install

    got any pictures?
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    LED lighting install

    not sure how wide you need the channel but either a small circular saw or router would do it - you'd set up a straight edge/guide to keep it in line.
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    Ideas for boarding eaves of loft conversion.

    as long as you leave at least a 50mm ventilation gap and leave down by the soffit clear then you can use whatever you want. If you want to insulate the area then use celotex/kingspan/etc boards which will do both.
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    Painting my uPVC windows and fascias

    looks good, fairplay
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