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  1. nicktiler

    Floor tile adhesive and wall tile adhesive

    Best practice.......... Self level over UFH cable / Mat prior to tiling using good quality flexible self leveller... This protects the cable against damage during tiling Allows full coverage of cable thus eliminating air pockets which can create "hot spots" potentially causing the UFH to...
  2. nicktiler

    Laying Floor Tiles in bathroom?

    6mm hardie backer board and a good 2 part flexi is also an option !
  3. nicktiler

    fixing mosaic wall tiles

    Hi,this advice is probably too late... Make sure walls are flat and suitable for mosaics. Ideally start tiling from the top of the wall & work down,gravity is on your side. On each row, do not line your sheets up vertically, instead, overlap ( cross bond ) when grouted the joint lines will...
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  5. Mosaic


  6. nicktiler


    Ha ha might have to be crafty & make numerous trips"to buy an ice cream" whilst carrying a picnic basket full of pebbles ! Those white pebbles on the beach would look fantastic on a patio !
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    Think they would work out more expensive than other options,would look good though
  8. nicktiler

    Tile Baseboards

    Sorry mate would not do it ! Existing tiles should be removed ! Not over boarded then tiled again
  9. nicktiler

    Grouting tips!

    If you are unsure,then mix and spread a smaller amount at a time. Key is the angle of your grout float. Spread usually with trowel at around 45 degrees,pushing grout into gaps. Then go over floor again with trowel at a steeper angle... nearly 90 degrees, press on hard using the very edge of the...
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    Nice idea,could be effective ! Had a similar idea for part of my patio outside....... We make regular trips to the in laws caravan at filey..... Is it illegal to take pebbles off the beach ? Was thinking of doing a pebble mosaic outside,without having to buy expensive pebble mosaics
  11. nicktiler

    whats the best way to finish tiles around a worktop??

    Please wait for a replyfrom our resident grout down to worktop expert ! Sure he will respond in due course ! :lol:
  12. nicktiler

    Some advice needed please....

    :oops: Forgot for a moment I was on a DIY forum,not a tilers forum. Doesn't mean that I will be so easy on so called Pro's giving out duff advice :D
  13. nicktiler

    Some advice needed please....

    My post was a bit off the cuff...... Your advice is the way I should have worded it Regards No offence meant
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    porcelain floor tiles

  15. nicktiler

    Tiling to a skirting board

    Silicone always. I agree Anyone who reccomends grout instead of silicone must be a DIY tiler. Grout will inevitably crack in time
  16. nicktiler

    Some advice needed please....

    8 DOLLOPS !!! Stick to your day job ! Spot fixing is a big no no! Especially for 600 x 600's on walls.
  17. nicktiler

    Minton tiles

    Can be done with a bit of time and mess. Last year I did a quarry tile floor,re-claimed quarries,customergot them from e-bay. Got them a grinding cup wheel. Over 1000 tiles. Got them clean on the back. Dust mask & goggles essential
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  20. window reveal

    window reveal

    natural stone polished