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    Damp corner

    Posting for a friend who has noticed this damp patch and is wondering re potential cause and what the required remedial work is likely to involve /cost. Looks to me like it's probably water ingress from around window or failed pointing but I'm no expert. Thanks in advance
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    Opinions on professional paint job plz

    Thanks everyone. Yes as far as I knew it was watered down emulsion to seal new plaster but thought the decorator must know what he was doing. Having looked into it though it seems this unibond stuff is for if u want to tile the wall and not have the plaster suck all the moisture out of the tile...
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    Opinions on professional paint job plz

    Posting for a friend. He had his 2 spare bedrooms plastered recently. Decorator in today who put 2 coats of uni bond plaster primer on and has started to paint. So far 3 coats and says one more needed. This was all in one afternoon. This is the result. The paint was dulux. Would value your...