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    Never Get Busted Again ??

    Has anyone considered that by publishing this they may make it easier to get convictions? If the Law Enforcement Officials know that this information is out there, then they can counter that intelligence by simply working against it, and it is highly likely that when finding drugs, the method...
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    Taxi drivers AGAIN?

    The road markings on a roundabout entrance are "GIVE WAY" so legally he and us are supposed to stop..although who ever does when it is clear!! :lol:
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    CSCS card and qualifications

    As far as I am aware the JIB do not recognise the EAL course as it does not have industry acceptance. However I would strongly urge you to contact the JIB on this matter to seek clarification.
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    Lets get one thing straight.. A light switch cannot be converted into a socket of any description at any time for any reason UNLESS the switch wiring is removed and the point rewired in cable appropriate to the use you wish to put it too, further most light switch boxes are only 16mm deep, a...
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    Suffolk murders.

    After my recent experience of the Police and our Judicial system I have nigling doubts that they have the right fella. However I am sure that they have sufficient for charging, the real question will be prosecution... Now they have put his name in the public domain, there is no chance he will...
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    Homosexuality in 1950/60s USA

    Notty..I think what he means is that the religion of the European states meant that they felt non-europeans (which were generally classed as non-white) were "less" than they were and they had some God given right to their lands. The actual colour of peoples skin is a bit of a Red herring, I...
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    Drivers in Fog.....Grrrrrr

    If I drove a typical Volvo or had a flat cap, then I might be inclined to agree...I am not biased, I slag off Volvo drivers equally as most are blooming annoying, dodery old goits who shouldn't be on the road in the first place.. :? Lets not forget that the FIA banned Volvo Estates from...
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    Pat Testing equipment help and recomendations

    Seaward Supernova is the one we use...excellent bnit of kit.. And it is a good price too...
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    Volunteers and Part P

    Softus..I must say that what you just wrote, for me, is one of the best descriptions of the aims of the Part P legislation I have seen for some time... However, there are problems with things the way they stand. 1: Non-electrically qualified people (kitchen fitters etc) are still able to...
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    Drivers in Fog.....Grrrrrr

    Same here Crafty..even though they have seperate switches they will only work with headlights on..If I switch to sidelights or main beam, they switch off immediately.. I agree with your observation about BMW drivers...:)
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    Homosexuality in 1950/60s USA

    How narrow minded and bigoted is that...A copper came out with those statements today and they would be in a world of trouble.. It's amazing how the world can change so dramatically in so short a time..especially on something that has been socially unacceptable, and illegal for hundreds of...
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    Drivers in Fog.....Grrrrrr

    OOhh you b'itch...handbags at dawn Sir... :D:D As it has been chipped, has 334bhp and does 0-60 in about 6secs..hardly a flat cap Volvo I'd like to add... I must admit that I do like to see the look on the face of Porsche Boxster drivers when I leave them at the lights.. :lol:
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    Drivers in Fog.....Grrrrrr

    Now your simply being picky..I did say [b]majority[/] and not all.. :lol: I have a Volvo too...C70-T5 Coupe ..I have seperate switches for front and rear fogs, and another for the headlamps etc..So does the G/F's Toyota, the Van I used to have( :cry: ) and all my mates motors...(that I can...
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    Drivers in Fog.....Grrrrrr

    That can't be right Box, the majority of modern cars have seperate switches for front and rear fogs...
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    Insulation in insulation is run in insulation...however in metalic protection, such as conduit or steel trunking, then the effects are ignored as largely irrelevent..not sure if this is the case with plastic trunking/tube though.. If you have a copy of the Regs book, then I would guide your...
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    insulation over wires or not?

    Rupert...Why don't you keep calm, Can you not see the smily faces...IT'S A BLOODY JOKE....Now stop being a bully, develope a sense of humour and take a chill pill... Oh by the way...In future, do not post in my posts....Why do you not simply post like other members unless you actually edit a...
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    Drivers in Fog.....Grrrrrr

    I don't know if it's true, but I was told by a Highways Agency Guy a couple of years back that one way they and the Police tell the difference betweem front fogs and driving lights is this.. Driving lights are mounted on or above the front bumper, whilst fog lights are mounted in or below...
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    insulation over wires or not?

    Blooming hit your head fella? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: +++++++++++++++ Moderator's note: Keep calm, this is the Electrics UK forum, and we're all civilised here. M R +++++++++++++++
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    Drivers in Fog.....Grrrrrr

    You could have a point there Masona, didn't think of that.. Eggplant...your so right..Nearly as annoying as the morons who put front fog lights on deliberatly cos their idiots who think there cool to be on...when it's the middle of summer!!
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    Drivers in Fog.....Grrrrrr

    Why is it that when there is thick fog you only ever encounter three types of driver... 1: The sensible person driving at a safe speed and distance from other vehicles. 2: The morons who think they have to drive up your arse so they can see you better. 3: Mr Indestructible who zooms...