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    New metal cover for Consumer Unit

    How do people actually think up this ****?
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    Focal Point Gas fire problems

    Can anyone shine any light. I have a focal point panoramic gas fire. The pilot is nice and strong and the valve holds in first time every time with no issue which suggests the t/c is ok although not got out the meter as yet. When I turn the control knob from the pilot position to the low...
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    A puzzle for you...

    For an attractive brunette, you have horrible man hands.
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    5kw pool heater - can it be used on ring main

    Are you seriously asking if you can power from the ring with a plug and putting a nail or something instead of the fuse? If so, you're a bloody idiot.
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    Pics from the Workshop

    I know it's a DIY forum, but I wish all posts were as interesting as this one. Great pics and thanks for posting.
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    Strajge wiring on lighting in Kitchen

    What's the matter with these planks lately - just take a pic with phone or digital camera of the wiring before you disconnect.
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    Overheard in B&Q

    Why didn't you?
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    Whole house surge protectors not available in UK?

    You are either a bit thick or paranoid to buy one of these. Either way the advertisers dream.
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    2 lights from 1 switch

    This is very basic stuff - are you up to doing this instead of getting an electrician.
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    Security Light started to trip

    would it not of been easier just to take a photo before disconnection?
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    some pics

    After seeing this - i'd want the rest of my property inspected pretty quickly.
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    Downlighter Wiring - Thoughts?

    Have a cookie!
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    We LOVE Pyro

    glad we don't use it much these days - terrible fiddly stuff.
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    Johnward & VicVapour

    Hardly rocket science though is it
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    Remove t&e sheaving for short conduit drops?

    If you going to have conduit on the wall may as well do one drop and then horizontal across to the other sockets and make it a 20A radial. Just a though, may make it a little easier.
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    Typical American ..... very stupid!

    Typical American ..... very stupid!
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    New(ish) EATON MEM Memsheild 3

    It always surprised me why people have gone for MS3, the quality is just not there compared to MS2 - why not just go for MG / Schn never ever had a problem. EDIT: That's for commercial / industrial - no idea what makes house bashers use.
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    And again...

    I'm not a house basher so don't see many of these - what is the 25A marking for on this then?
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    samsung 50" tv has a 1" flickering stripe in the m

    not really a question relevant to electricians forums
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    Does PAT testing apply to.....?

    Buffoonery of an armchair electrician strikes again!