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    Bathroom Extractor Fan

    I take that twaddle and double it. Have you tried it? Take one in line duct fan - connect with a capacitor such as one 2μF capacitor and voila a motor that runs slower and quietly! Changing capacitor...
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    Can i extract my cooker hood up into my old chimney?

    Look at your local chip shop. Extend your ducting vertically to roof level and put on top a hu roof cowl / chinese hat type vent. Also put something on your chimney cap to stop rain getting in. If you changed the existing duct run for one incorporating the slim duct you'll probably build up...
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    cooker hood extractor venting

    Check diameter of cooker hood outlet - best practice (where possible) is to keep ducting the same size throughout. Soilpipe is usually 110mm. Most powerful cookerhoods these days are usually 125 or 150mm. Using anything smaller and your going to build up resistance and probably create a noisier...
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    Bathroom Extractor Fan

    If vibration / noise is a problem and fitted for general ventilation rather than to solve condensation / mould problem try fitting a capacitor inline to reduce voltage to the unit - hence making it run slightly slower than at full speed.
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    skimmimg waterproof internal render

    In any area prone to damp should not use bonding - will absorb humidity / dampness from the atmosphere and suck up any other form of dampness like blotting paper