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  1. DevilDamo

    Outbuilding 2.8m tall near boundary

    I’m sure applicants would if their property was within the Green Belt, AGLV, AONB, Conservation Area or within the grounds of or adjacent to a Listed Building.
  2. DevilDamo

    Outbuilding 2.8m tall near boundary

    Appears @Captain Nemesis was referring to Pre-application advice, which is informal.
  3. DevilDamo

    Change Roof type (flat roof to pitched & skylights) after planning approval?

    You would need to submit a revised PA application as what you end up with isn’t what you currently have sought PA for. The description of the proposals on PA applications are quite detailed too so wouldn’t tie up with a revised roof design.
  4. DevilDamo

    Replace pebbledash with smooth white render - permission required?

    A.3(a) states… “the materials used in any exterior work (other than materials used in the construction of a conservatory) shall be of a similar appearance to those used in the construction of the exterior of the existing dwellinghouse”
  5. DevilDamo

    Replace pebbledash with smooth white render - permission required?

    Under PD, they state the external finish has to be ‘similar’, which is a bit of an open ended term and down to individual interpretation. Render with render could therefore be deemed similar and therefore not requiring formal Planning.
  6. DevilDamo

    First floor extension on 3 bed terraced home

    It depends on your existing layout. Would all resulting Bedroom’s have windows? Is your two storey 3m deep extension based on what’s allowed under PD as there are other conditions to meet for that to be possible?
  7. DevilDamo

    Builder Exceeded Building Regulation Drawings

    Only if they think it’ll have a knock on effect with something else controlled by the BR’s. This could include the re-design of any joists or steels for that increased length. It could also trigger an increased BR cost should the increased floor area move you up into the next bracket. But in 99%...
  8. DevilDamo

    Garage Conversion

    Assuming you’re not going to be converting the new area along the lines of making it habitable, i.e. by insulating it, then just do what you want.
  9. DevilDamo

    Permitted development in conservation area

    Correct. So any changes to a non-PD extension cannot be carried out under PD. Even if you weren’t in a CA, 99% of wraparound extensions are not considered PD anyway.
  10. DevilDamo

    Drainpipes in conservation area

    That should be fine. Check your LPA’s validation requirements too as some do carry. If the LPA require any further information, they will request it.
  11. DevilDamo

    Builder Exceeded Building Regulation Drawings

    Although it doesn’t happen much, I agree with the builder in this instance. Also, BCO’s have nothing to do with Planning/PD.
  12. DevilDamo

    Permitted development in conservation area

    What’s eh? Conservation Area => Designated Area => No side extensions via PD.
  13. DevilDamo

    Permitted development in conservation area

    It makes sense as it’s correct and the normal/logical way to think about it. Because you’re in a Conservation Area, you had to apply formally for your wrap around extension. No part of this extension would comply with Class A. Because of that, any changes to it cannot be carried out under PD...
  14. DevilDamo

    PP for 3 houses, 2 built...

    The houses that currently exist, have they been carried out in strict accordance with the original approval/drawings in particular their size and position? If so, then that in theory does mean the Planning permission remains extant.
  15. DevilDamo

    Permitted development in conservation area

    As your ‘wrap around’ extension went through the formal Planning process, you cannot then utilise PD rights to add or make changes to it as the resulting extensions would not be PD. Assume you had to go via formal Planning due to side extensions not being PD within conservation areas? If the...
  16. DevilDamo

    Certificate of Lawful development

    Copies of tenancy agreements dating back at least four years have been accepted by one of my local Planning authorities in the past. In that case, the applicant secured a CoL and then put the converted garage/now annexe on the market.
  17. DevilDamo

    Can this be a Non material Amendment?

    The creation of raised patios and retaining walls as shown in your example would require Planning. You have the option of submitting a Variation of Condition or revised Householder application. Both can take up to 8 weeks but the latter is usually cheaper, if not free of charge. Get back in...
  18. DevilDamo

    Permitted development advice please

    If the existing layout is the ‘original’ layout minus the conservatory, Alternative 1 should be considered PD but subject to the Prior Approval scheme. I can’t see how Alternative 2 would be considered PD as the part on the right technically has a front wall. If this part was not original, then...
  19. DevilDamo

    Raised patio on sloping garden

    If on a slope, measure the height from the upper most natural ground level to the top of the patio. If it exceeds 300mm, you’ll require Planning.