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    Is screed strong enough to be the floor or must it be covered?

    We are having a workshop area with wet UFH. Can the final screed be sealed and painted or is it too fragile to be used as the top floor covering? If it needs covering, what do people suggest? It must be something dense that doesn't insulate. I don't really fancy ceramic or earthenware tiles. I...
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    Geberit or Grohe concealed cisterns for our new build?

    Bad news.... the new clear ones do blister. I've just changed one.
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    Geberit or Grohe concealed cisterns for our new build?

    I've just discovered yet another leaking bottom flush pipe seal on a concealed Geberit cistern, which is especially annoying as we are about to market this house and I think I may have to break through the plasterboard behind the pan to replace it. Luckily I bought spares last time it happened...
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    Surface water drains

    You'll get 25% off the sewerage treatment part of your bill.
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    Tragic Migrant deaths, Freezer container or boat..... easily avoidable

    The way it works is that the family scrapes together the cash needed to send a husband or a child to the UK where they will earn prodigious amounts of cash and send it back to support everyone. It's a simple investment. That explains why the poor dying migrants in the truck texted that they were...
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    I'm only a butcher

    Two wind turbines were standing on a hill and one said to the other: "Do you like pop music?" "Yes," replied the other, "I'm a huge metal fan!"
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    Moving a radiator

    Ask the plumber to fit a drain cock at the lowest point in the system if there isn't one, for ease of use in the future.
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    In Hot Water.......

    Have you actually measured the temperature of the water at the tap? It should be around 60c.
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    In Hot Water.......

    Have you actually measured the temperature of the water at the tap?
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    Draining down a central heating system

    Close the valves at both ends of the rads, loosen the fittings, open the bleed, drain the water, then close the bleed and lift the rad off its bracket and swing it forwards until it's lying on the floor. Disconnect the rad and carry it outdoors upside-down so the black sludge doesn't pour out...
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    Draining down a central heating system

    Fernox won't clear out blocked rads, it's just a soap that makes the water alkaline so that it doesn't oxidise the insides of steel rads. Sounds like you need to remove the rads, take them outside and flush them with a hose. What happens when you unscrew and remove the TRVs from the rad...
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    Replacing Glow Worm Flexicom control box front - DIY job?

    Apologies, I posted about this a couple of weeks ago and got one reply suggesting it's not a DIY job because air flow needs to be checked but the thread has dropped back to about page 4. We had our Flexicom 24HX serviced and the engineer issued an advisory notice because the plastic hinges on...
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    Air getting into system

    How do you know it's air and not hydrogen from internal oxidation of the steel radiators? Did you try the test somebody suggested a few posts up? If it's hydrogen you just need to add Fernox to the system.
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    Flexicom 24HX control box hinges broken - DIY fix?

    Okay thanks, now I understand. I've identified the part and it costs something like £18, and having opened the control box it looks like a simple matter of removing the circuit board and connectors then clipping them straight into the new back having first hung that from the two metal clips that...
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    Flexicom 24HX control box hinges broken - DIY fix?

    I haven't seen it yet as I'm at work but Mrs RR says the engineer has placed an "advisory" on the boiler because the plastic control box hinges have snapped. Apparently it's a common problem, I guess the heat causes loss of plasticiser and the hinges become brittle. They want £300 to replace...
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    Is this asbestos under my floors???

    Another groan. That's the typical unthinking jobsworth blame culture reaction. Anybody with half a brain can see that it's a lath & plaster ceiling with about 100 years of accumulated dead skin and clothing fluff lying on top. Why on Earth would anybody put asbestos on there?
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    Filling a mouse hole around a rad pipe.

    Surely the simple answer is to get a cat?
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    Shower is dragging water out of bathroom sink trap.

    Well I cleaned all the hairs out of the shower trap last night - disgusting job - and poured some bleach down the bath and sink wastes and this morning the bathroom smelled okay, so I don't know. It all appears to be flowing ok with no blockages.
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    Shower is dragging water out of bathroom sink trap.

    Why has it started doing this in the last few weeks? The trap gurgles as you shower and then the next time you enter the bathroom it stinks of sewers. It never did it before. The soil pipe looks to be clear at the top vent, which has a good cover on it. The shower trap is a low profile...
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    Chasing Pipe into walls - the correct way

    When I did it for some rads I just wrapped the pipes in masking tape. I think it's because cold pipes can collect condensation even through plaster and the alkalinity of the damp plaster can then attack the copper.