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    Extractor Hood

    They are adjustable in height.
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    sorting out kitchen unit doors

    You can't expect different trees to have the same tone. Its like buying one dalmation and then hoping to buy another identical one. Just not going to happen :wink:
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    dryer stacking kit

    B&Q sell stacking kits but can't remember what colour they are!
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    Kitchen fitting - upright extractor doors

    They do normally come in standard sizes. However that particular kitchen door style i think you are unlikely to find anywhere as it seems quite old?
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    Can I install a Neff built-in fridge under the counter?

    They shouldn't be too tall to go under the worktop, if anything they will be too small. As they were built in appliances then they won't come with their own adjustable feet. I dont know of anywhere that would sell a unit to house them, but you could make one yourself. If they have come out...
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    dishwasher door fitting WHIRLPOOL ADG 7460

    No one is obliged to help you.
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    replacement kitchen unit doors

    B&Q. Start at £7 a door. Your need to have standard size doors/units though.
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    Kitchen plinths

    They sell them in B&Q for £3.62 a length and come in clear plastic or 'light oak' effect. They are called plinth seals. They come in 2.4m lengths if i remember correctly.
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    American Style Fridge freezer

    I'm sure you can get some with small inbuilt tanks for cooling the water. Don't know where to get them from though!
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    Fitting an integrated Fridge/Freezer

    Single intergrated appliances don't sit *in* a unit unless they are *built in* as opposed to *built under*(that is, under the worktop). For integrated fridge-freezers, colour matched tall end panels should be fitted, with corresponding doors to the front. A 'fridge freezer' shelf pack can be...
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    worktop joint

    You can buy some 'colourfill' which is colour matched to the worktops. Go back to where you bought the worktops from.
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    Cymru Am Byth! :D
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    Integrated dishwasher

    An end support panel
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    Granite worktops

    I have granites. They look the part. Remember that they are porous. So go for a darker colour. Also most granite worktops that you can buy are not solid granite.
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    Best place to buy a small new kitchen ?

    B&Q All the way. Just had kitchen and 2 bathrooms off them.
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    best way to remove wall paper

    How about starting off with a steam wallpaper stripper and a good old scraper :wink:
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    Integrated dishwasher

    They are free standing, they don't go inside a unit :wink: The doors fit straight onto the appliance
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    Obscuring Bathroom Window

    Fablon is still available at your local B&Q stores and do a 'frosted glass' effect :)
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    How to clear soil completely?

    Cheers guys :lol: