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    Confused about a rewire.

    So I’ve moved in to a circa 100 year old house. it has black and red PVC cable and it had a rewireable fuse board, that I got changed yesterday to a modern unit with RCBOs. Now on to my question. I had it inspected and tested and was told it doesn’t need to be rewired as it’s passed on...
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    How to raise a fence on neighbours side.

    I’ll attach a few photos at the end. Morning all We have a four foot fence on the left hand side of our garden. Does anyone have any clever ideas on how to raise it two feet to afford us more privacy? The fence belongs to the neighbour - although I put it in before they moved in. Replacing...
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    New mould issue in garage.

    Hi all. Happy New Year. I’ve lived in the same house for years. The last couple I’ve started to get really bad mould on everything in my garage. I stripped some stuff out and noticed this on the back wall where the wall joins the floor. anyone can’t any ideas what it is and so you think...
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    Extending 8m on a sloped garden

    Morning all, I want to buy a house that has a 2m drop via steps in to the garden. so therefore when I extend 8 metres out for a large kitchen/family room I would have internal stairs down in to this area the question I have is by the time the extension is down on garden level it will be...
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    Cause of uneven floor

    I’m just about to buy a house. When we had a look round the upstairs of house, all of the floors are uneven, I mean you really notice it when walking on the floor, almost felt like we were on a boat. I know it’s difficult to say without looking at it, but would you say is the floor joists that...
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    Garden room.

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    Would you tile a kitchen without underfloor heating?

    Hi guys I'm just starting a huge project in an old Victorian house I'm renovating in parts and modernising in others. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions but my first one is... I'm having quite a large kitchen extension built (30m2), I'd like to have a tiled floor, Porcel-thin tiles to be...