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    Single Skin Block Shed Piers

    Hi all, I am building a single skin shed in the garden 5m x 3m and have a question about wall piers. Am I right in thinking the 5m back wall will need 1 pier in the centre? With regard to the 5m front wall, there will be 2m wide entrance at one end for a roller door. Will I need to put piers...
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    Bathroom cabinet with PIR

    Hi, hope someone can answer this as it is very frustrating. Bathroom Cabinet installed with a pir motion sensor built in, however sensor is not very responsive (you have to touch it with your hand to get it to come on). I am wondering if the sensor could be to close to the basin and would that...
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    Dead Leg

    Can anyone advise if a 40mm dead leg is acceptable on a 15mm cold water pipe. or should I bite the bullet and remove completely
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    431a plug

    Hi, I am trying to wire a BT 431A plug using standard telephone wire (two pair). i cant seem to find anywhere a wiring diagaram for which colours go where in the plug. Any advice appreciated.