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    New name for electrical company

    Hi guys, need some help with naming my new electrical company. Everything I think off seems to be already used. Would be great to get some ideas of suggestions. I'm trying to keep it different and unique I was thinking maybe just use my initials. (SUD Electrical). Does that sound silly or...
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    Bathroom basins and toilets in Birmingham

    Hi, I need 2 basin with vanity unity and 2 toilet with vanity units. Does anyone know a place in Birmingham, UK where I can go view before I buy?There's websites like victorian plumbing but problem is I want to see it first? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Hybrid Smart alarm system with no monthly fee

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a hard wired alarm system which I can add wireless devices to at a later stage. I want to have the ability to control it from my phone app. Also I don't want to pay a monthly fee. Is there an alarm brand out there that will have this?
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    Putting fence on top of brick wall

    I'm moving house and in the garden on the left, there's a very short double skin brick wall. It is about 3 bricks high from the ground. The neighbours garden is like a 5ft drop so I would like to put a fence on top of this wall fo safety reasons. Just need some advice on what would be the best...
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    Painting over magnolia

    Hi everyone. My first post here. All my walls are painted magnolia. I will be repainting the whole house in different colours. Do I have to paint white over the magnolia before putting the final colour on or can I paint the new final colours straight over the magnolia? I will be using very...
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    Which nails for new slate roof?

    Hi guys, ive been searching around for the right nails for new slate roof but cannot seem to find the right nail for a 600x300 slate roof. What type of nail do I need, does it have to be copper or is corrosion resistant galvanised good enough? Also how much should the slates overlap? It will...
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    Connecting pvc 110mm to old clay y joint

    Hi everyone. I tried searching everywhere on internet regarding this but no luck in finding anything hence why I'm here. Basically I need to connect a new 110mm pvc soil pipe into an old clay y piece which will be underground. I know I could use the special coupler for pvc to clay but I need...