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    Sealey battery charger

    Hi everyone. Just connected my sealey battery charger to my van battery and left to re-charge overnight but the battery is still as flat as a pancake. It says 20A output on recharge and 80 on boost. How do I know if the charger is putting out a charging current ?. The fusible...
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    Grunfos UPE15 Electronic V's Alpha

    Any one know the difference apart from price probably and the former having an optional remote controller ?. When it comes to proportional pressure everyone recommends the alpha auto variable speed pump but it seems the UPE15 has the same capabilities and then some. :)
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    Whole house pumping and secondary circulation .

    Doea anyone know the best way to provide secondary circulation where say a salamander pump or similar is providing whole house HW.??
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    13 amp fuses

    Does anyone know if Part P covers changing fuses in 13 amp 3 pin plugs on extension cables. ?? The 13 amp fuse was continually blowing when I was using the welder so I just cut a small length of 6mm copper capillary pipe and placed that in the plug .
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