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    worcester boiler flue

    Hi I have a worcester 28si ii boiler in the garage with a vertical flue fitted. I intend rotating the flue by 90 degrees so that it exits through the adjacent wall. Problem I have the flue is about 6 inches too short so I need to extend it. As far as I can see the correct flue extension for...
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    concrete path

    Hi I'm going to lay a concrete path and not sure if dpm is required, and what mix ratio should be used? Any advice would be appreciated thanks
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    converting window to square bay

    Hi I have an 8ft window which i'm thinking of converting to a square bay (8ft *3ft) window. The existing house walls are cavity brick outer block inner. I'm not sure what to do about the walls for the new bay either cavity brick and block or outer brick and dry line internal. I'm also concerned...