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    What's causing my boiler to lose pressure

    I've recently noticed that the pressure gauge on the boiler was showing zero, (heating, and hot water appears to be fine) when changing the timing of the boiler. Checked all radiators to see of their is any signs of leaks - there is none. I increased the pressure to 1.5 bar using a filing hose...
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    French door lock will only open/lock from the outside.

    My french doors are fitted with Yale cylinder locks, both sharing the same key. I am now finding that I can only unlock the left door from the outside. And can only lock it also from the outside. Attempting from the inside, I am finding that the key wont turn, hence wont lock/unlock. I...
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    How to stop my pipes making a noise ? Is this Water Hammer ?

    When I switch on my tap, I hear a small 'knock'. If my washing machine, it's a lot worse - sounds like someone is hammering. Only happens when water is flowing. I have switched off the stop-cock, opened all of the taps, and turned back on the water. The noise is still there. (When...
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    RCD Circuit Breaker

    I have just had a kitchen design company design my kitchen - however, before they can install, I have been told that under the new guidelines, my electrics now have to be RCD protected ! My current consumer unit is a Wylex unit with wired fuses (Sockets-All, Lights-Up, Lights-down, Garage &...