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    I Hvae a very small leak from one of the DRAYTON TRV4 THERMOSTATIC RADIATOR VALVES in our house. Can anyone tell me how to fix it rather than having to replace the whole unit? Thanks, R
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    Alpha Boiler

    Hi, ive noticed that there is a very slow water leak from the return valve of my CB 28 Alpha Boiler. Do I need to replace this or is there a stop leak product I can use? The leak is coming our of the valve itself.
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    ALPHA Boiler - no hot water but heating OK

    I Have an Alpha CB28 Combi Boiler which is doing a very strabge thing. If I turn on the central heating system it works a dream, however if I only want to get hot water out of the taps no go! What could it be and can I fix it myself?