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    Planning permission not refused, but will be - Anyone help?

    Good evening all, Won't bore you with all the preamble - but to cut a long story short, done it all by the book with an Architect who submitted on my behalf etc, and we are now at a crossroads: The planning officer has not yet officially refused, but said it will happen - When asked why, they...
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    Aternative to 152 x 152 x 30

    Evening all, After a little advice around a universal beam (bear with me). To cut a long story short, some of our flat roof on the extension needs replacing so I'm taking this opportunity to completely renovate it all and also add skylights, insulation etc. We have had structural calculations...
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    A few questions around BC

    Afternoon all, I recently (18 months ago) moved into 1920s solid brick house. The previous owners(s) seemed to have cut a few corners here and there. Anyway, I recently had a structural engineer in to advise on an internal wall removal (which turned out it wasn't structural, and wobbled when...
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    Structural Engineer, Report, or Calculation

    Evening all, I need to get some form of structural survey done but need clarification on what im asking for before I ring round local companies. So to understand where I'm at, I would like advice on a couple of walls and a chimney stack. One of the walls is actually like an archway (large)...
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    Solid Wall Insulation - Which Solution?

    Afternoon all, Hope you are all well. I have been a long time viewer of the forums and had some great advice over the years, but the time has come for me to post my own query. At the start of the year, I moved into a 1920's solid brick wall house. I am looking to insulate it as it can get a...