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    fridge thermostat

    Hi having problem with a my fridge freezer trying to change the thermostat on the electrolux fridge and having problems with getting the part...its a ranco k61 thermostat but unable to find it anywhere, its a 3 pin stat with pins 3, 4 and 2....can anyone help me finding alternative which will...
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    potterson gold 28he or gloworm flexicomm 30cx

    Hi boilers on the blink which is best boiler out of these I should buy.
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    ...Ideal isar he24.....

    Hi all Got a problem with this boiler.....the issue apart from the leaks from the secondary heat exchanger and the pcb blowing up...which is now fixed... is when dhw is running the return ch pipe also gets hot as well....can anyone hear explain why this maybe.....can understand if was the...