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    ballpark figure for fitted CCTV

    Hi, we are looking for a CCTV system - one camera at back of house, one at front with a HDD for storage. We want it fitted by someone and are near Durham. We haven't got a clue, so any advice appreciated on what types of figures to expect. we have budget of £250-£500.
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    baxi bermuda to combi

    The new baxi he bbu was an option we were keen on but people seem to have a low opinion of them.
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    baxi bermuda to combi

    near durham
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    baxi bermuda to combi

    Hi, I have an ancient back boiler that I want to replace with a combi on kitchen wall. I am trying to work out how much hassle and upheaval it would be. We don't have much spare money to totally redecorate. The kitchen has gas piped in for hob, so will this make job easier. Also when the...
  5. J

    air conditioning in conservatory.

    Hi, we want a conservatory in a south facing garden, and have read about having A/C as ideal for all year around. Has anyone installed it? Is it worth it or would underfloor heating be better?
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    how old is my baxi bermuda 551 Affect on selling house?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone could tell me likely age range of my boiler. I want to sell our house and don't know if we should get it replaced prior to marketing it. It has passed safety inspection every year and had some parts changed.
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    enlarging garage - how much?

    It is a flat roof garage. We want it to extend it by half it's present size.
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    enlarging garage - how much?

    Hi, we are looking at a new house and trying to find out what sort of budget we would need to things. One thing would be to widen garage by 50% and lengthen it by 25% for use as a garage still. It is presently a single garage. We live in North East and would get builders to do it. Any...
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    back boiler to combi advice

    any sign of when they will be available to independent installers. I would rather have another bbu and pay more than have whole house in upheaval.
  10. J

    back boiler to combi advice

    how about one of these new bermuda bbu he replacements i have read about?
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    back boiler to combi advice

    Hi, I have a 30 year old baxi bermuda back boiler which I want replacing. We want new boiler put in loft, is this possible? Also do they block off back boiler or take it out? We want a new electric fire with new surround so can cover up whatever they do. I know you may not be allowed to...
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    laying a laminate floor in dining/living room - how much???

    Hi, I want a decent laminate floor (not cheap but not expensive) laid in two living areas of terraced house. - how much would it cost someone to lay it?? I know it varies, just a rough idea would be fab,
  13. J

    high resistance and earth wire - what does it mean??

    Hi, i have just had boiler serviced by gas fitter. as part of inspection, he tested two plug sockets at different ends of the house and said resistance in earth was too high. Around 200 mark. What does this mean? what is worst case scenario and likely causes of this problem. Panicking a bit.