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    Shower drain new build

    Hi all, before I contact the builders who built our house, I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if we should have this much standing water in our shower drain hole/plug hole? You can see the level of the water on the picture. Got the new house in July. Thank you in advance
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    Radiator comes on when hot water on

    Hi all, Looking for some advice...i have noticed that when our hot water is running, three radiators upstairs come on. Can anyone give some advice on what this could be? And if I get someone to fix it, how much would it cost? It' literally three radiators coming on. The rest of the radiators...
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    Brickwork Correct??

    Hi everyone, Please could you look at the brickwork on our conservatory and tell me if this is correct. We are hoping to move and our buyers are getting a survey done on the property and I don't want any nasty surprises of anything getting flagged up. Do you think this looks ok? Thanks...