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    Switching old Gardtec 600 to 3G/4G

    I've got an Gardtec 600 panel, which controls a fairly large home alarm setup (lots of wired PIRs, door sensors, smoke detectors, heat sensors etc.). It all works fine and is monitored, but that uses a landline phoneline. At some point soon, that'll become a VOIP line, which of course isn't...
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    Water flowing up into Central Heating header tank (!)

    I wonder if anyone has any advice on this.... We have an (old) central heating system (heating pumped, hot water gravity) which we're going to replace later in the year when we re-do the kitchen. However, it's recently developed a problem. It's not a sealed system, and we see to have water...
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    Easy way to stop hot water circulation in gravity system?

    Is there an "easy" (aka cheap) way of stopping the constant hot water circulation in a semi-gravity system. We'll be moving and replacing our boiler in a couple of years time when we do some building work, so i want to avoid splending more than necessary - i.e. converting to a fully pumped...
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    Any specific regs about gas fire in a bedroom?

    We're planning to open up a fireplace in a bedroom and have a DFE gas fire fitted - low power (4.5kw) as it's just for effect rather than much heat. I know because it's < 7, it normally wouldn't need an air brick, but are there any special rules about vents because it's a bedroom - a builder I...