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    Leveling Driveway and Garage

    I have a garage on a sloping driveway. Here is a picture – side view. The garage has a small slope – about 2 inches front to back. The driveway is somewhat steeper. I am now proposing to extend the garage forwards by 4.2m to cover more of the driveway. I would like the whole floor to be...
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    Cracks In Single Skin Brick Wall

    I am applying for planning permission to extend my garage. It has single skin brick walls, and my plan was to keep two walls, and substantially extend in the other directions. However, one of the walls has cracks in it. They have been there for years, and never bothered me that much, but...
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    Treatment for Beams Under Bay Window

    My bay window has two wooden beams unerneath. They are dry and in good condition. Is there anything I should do to care for them, or just a fresh coat of paint? Thanks
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    What material and method to use above window

    Hi, DIY time for me, like many others. I've got this going on above my ground floor windows: Should I (a) fix this little spot? (b) dig it all out and start again (c) do something else Also, what material should I use to do the repair? Grateful for any advice Thanks
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    Both Ovens Stopped Working

    Hi, I have a Creda Contour Electric cooker. It's old, but it's been reliable up to now. Today, both ovens have stopped working. To be exact: Working: hob-all rings, grill Not Working: Top oven (same compartment as grill), bottom oven, fan, clock Anybody know where to look first? Thanks