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    I have just found out that the builder I bought my house from has unbelievably plumbed the soil pipe from the extension he built on the property in to a surface water soak away pit! I therefore obviously need to urgently correct this but am trying to avoid a new connection directly in to the...
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    What to consider when laying laminate flooring for 1st time?

    Hi everyone. I am considering having a go at laying laminate flooring (probably wooden laminate) for the first time in my hall way and dining room (same flooring all the way through both rooms) and wondered if anyone could give me some tips please? It is a 1930's house, so I have a bay...
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    Baxi Combi 105e wont give out hot water if heating is on!!!

    My Baxi 105e Combi boiler will not give out hot water if the heating has been on, and is still on. When I turn on the tap or shower the LED switches across to the tap sign but the temp indicator lights reduce down to only 40 deg (i.e. only two LED's lit) and the water runs at very best luke...
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    Problem with fitting mosaics - can anyone help please?

    I am fitting a single row of mosaic tiles as a border through the middle of two rows of normal tiles on my bathroom wall. The problem I have is that the mosaic tiles are approximately half the thickness of the normal times so they will be set back further than the normal tiles when fitted...