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    Extractor fan doesnt switch off

    I got a humidistat extractor fan and for the past two days the extractor fan doesnt switch itself off. Any suggestion as to why this maybe? Is it time to get a new fan?
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    Gap between Conservatory and exterior wall

    I recently bought this house with a brick conservatory which was built around 10 years back. I noticed there is a gap abt 1.5 to 2 cm from the top between the exterior house wall and conservatory. I dont have any problem closing/opening any door or windows. What is the best way to fill this gap?
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    Affect of chlorine on plants

    Anyone knows the effect of chlorine on plants?. After some essential reading on diferent sites i am planning of making my own weed killer to kill IVY. It consists of 1/2 bleech (chlorine), 1/4 detergent and 1/4 vegetable oil. Before i take this adventerous route i want to make sure...
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    Ivy on top of garage roof

    I have a massive ivy growth on top of my garage. How do i go about removing them without breaking my roof tiles? Any ideas? :roll:
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    Connecting new electric oven

    I am planning of installing a new electric oven(AEG B3101) with a rating of 3 KW can i connect this to a FCU with 13 AMP fuse?
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    Refilling central heating system

    Hi, I got a combi boiler and i tried to refill the central heating system but the pressure gone up to 3 so i opened the drain cock to lose some water the pressure dropped for a moment but its back up again and now the overflow is dripping. Any suggestion how can i drop the pressure back...
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    Fitting TRV

    I was about to replace all me radiator valve with drayton TRV4 but after undoing one radiator i realized the union nut of radiator is bigger then the TRV is there is a connector for this size?
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    Draining Combi Boiler Central Heating

    It got a BIASI RIVA compact combi boiler. How do i got about drainig the central heating system? Does it just involve just closing the C.H Flow and return pipe and draining the radiators? or do i have to open the drain cock in boiler too? Also i am planning of installing TRVs do i need to...
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    Removing Radiator - Stuck union nut

    I want to remove the radiator for decoration, i closed the manual control value and lockshield value and bleed the radiators, this caused the boiler to loose pressure. I tried undoing the union nut but it doesnt move at all. I am trying to undo the right hand nut by turning it towards me...