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    Bathroom extractor ducting in attic

    Just had a bathroom refurb with an extractor fan being installed and I'm not convinced the extractor fan ducting has been fitted properly. Here are some pics, they're not great but you might be able to see the ducting is running over towards the soffit vents but I'd say its a good 30 cm from...
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    Ikon 60-80 boiler stopped working and electric shower sporadically working

    Hi folks Our electric shower seems to work for a short time (2 mins or so) then water stops coming but the shower still sounds like its on. Also our boiler has stopped working at the same time. Its an old Ikon 60-80 non condensing boiler with hot water tank and cold tank in the loft (gravity...
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    Drill tripped the power then went pop

    Was using the drill below to drill into brick, after around 10 holes it started to cut in and out. Then it tripped the electrics and when I flicked the trip back on the drill made a loud pop/bang and smelt funny. I've not plugged it in again since... Just wondering if its possible/worthwhile...
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    Snapped wire on charger for battery drill

    Well I managed to snap the connector off the wire for my cordless drill charger. I've bought a new cordless drill and the connector seems the same but the plugs electrical ratings look different. Knowing nothing about electrics...I was wondering is the new plug on the left is usable with my old...