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    Advice on cast-iron fireplace installation

    Hi, We have pulled down the old brick fireplace in our dining room in order to install an older bedroom style cast-iron fireplace that we just had sandblasted. We hope to use this for small fires in the winter and I have some questions that I would appreciate any comments on- - is there a...
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    Simple garage partition

    Hi, We have a detached flat roofed garage in our back garden that has 2 x entrances (double doors at the front and side door at the back) We would like to put a partiton in it so that my wife can use the back of the garage as a storage space for her ceramics, couple of questions:- _ I...
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    Double post in error

    Double post in error
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    Building a step edge onto an existing concrete path

    Hi, Recently we dug up the old patio in order to drop the level of it so that it is 6 inches below the damp proof course. We put back the original stones and now the adjoining garden path is higher than the patio and has an uneven edge. The path is made of concrete / pebble mix and I am...
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    Patio cock up

    Hi, Last weekend I finished laying my patio and had followed various online tips & tricks. This week I have reviewed the 45 large paving stones to find that 9 of them are slighly wobbly. I think I may have been 2 x stingy with the cement as I started at 6 to 1 sharp sand to cement but then...
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    Some questions on Laying a patio

    Hi, Recently dug up our old patios as it was above the damp proof course -previous owner :( Anyway I have some questions I hope some one could help me on 1) I have a bunch of existing paving stones that are in good condition but it looks likely I will have to cut some of them and they...
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    Drainage at bottom of downpipe is blocked

    Hi, We have 1930s semi with a bay window that suffering penetrating damp on the internal plaster. Today I noticed that the gutter was completely overflowing and found that the whole downpipe was full of water causing it to overflow onto the wall :( Anway I have traced the plastic...
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    Where to buy silica sand

    Hi, Back in Jan I posted about a sandstone repair I was going to make and PBoyofderry replied that I should mix up- "mixture of 3 x silica sand to 1 x cement add a water proofing admixture" Just wondered where I would get...
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    Fixing Bathroom mirror to wall

    Hi, So I purchased a flat bathroom mirror and have found that I will be unable to drill it into the tiled wall at the position I want (to close to edge of tile means I might split tile). Anway I am wondering if I could use an adhesive instead and if so what would be the best glue /agent to...
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    Re-fitting/soldering copper tee joint

    I have a solder ring 15:22:22 tee I fitted that is leaking after I turned the water back on so I drained down the system and removed it using my butane torch.. I am wondering if I could resolder another tee onto the the same pipework after I have rubbed them down with emery? (they still have...
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    Painting bathroom ceiling

    Just had our bathroom ceiling re-plastered and its time to paint with a durable waterproof paint. I know you let down the first coat with 50% water but can anyone advise me on the best paint for resisting damp and how many coats I should apply thx adam
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    Best place to add radiator to CH loop

    Hi, This weekend I am tasked with adding a heated towel rail in our bathroom as it has no heating :cry: So I have pulled up some floorboards to find the standard 22mm supply and return from the CH boiler comes upstairs and tappers into 15mm pipework. This 15mm pipework then runs to the...
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    Fitting a Heated Towel Rail prior to tiling

    Hi, Just looking for some advice here on a DIY project I am starting in a few weeks time. Basically I am going to cut into the existing CH loop (combi bolier) to add this heated towel rail as the old one was electric. So I got a plan to run the 15mm supply and return into the bathroom...
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    Bathroom extactor fan location

    Hi, Just about to start a bathroom refit and was wondering what is the best place to locate an extractor fan. Currently there is an extractor fan fitted at just over head hight in the shower cubicle which extracts directly to the outside wall thru a vent. I am wondering what sort of...
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    Combi boiler HW variations in temperature

    Hi, Please can you advise me. I just had British Gas round to look at our Ideal ISAR HE 24 (yeah I know...) which is under contract with them. Anyway I am about to install a shower in the bathroom upstairs and I have been testing the HW output at the bathroom tap. I am noticing that the HW...
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    Leaking Basin waste

    Our cloakroom sink appears to be leaking somewhere around the screwfitting for the waste. It appears like the previous owner has tried to bodge repair it by smearing it with gundge! Anyway I am going to replace it tmrw and was wondering if they are standard as they I have seen this at...
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    Recs for Electric shower replacement

    We currently have an old 9.5 Gainsborough and when we refit the bathroom we are looking to replace it. Please can anyone advise on a good replacement. We live in a hw area so it will need to be easily descaleable and I a looking to spend around 200 quid thanks Adam
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    Hot water supply for dishwater/washing machine - obsolete?

    Hi, Just doing some plumbing under the kitchen sink and I want to clear away some pipe clutter. We have a dishwasher and wachine machine that is being supplied by a cold supply only and there is also a hotwater tap/pipe supply which is not used. Can someone confirm if this obsolete for...
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    Repairing window ledge and cement between brickwork

    Hi, We have noticed the plaster has become very damp in our bay window underneath the windows. I have inspected the outside of the bay window and notice that there are quite a few holes in the cement between the bricks and the lwindow ledge is cracked. See below...
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    Liff Magnetic filter on Central Heating Suppy

    Hi, Just found one of the filters on the water supply to my boiler. Its a black cylindrical unit. Can anyone tell me how long they are supposed to last and whether they are indeed effective? I know people have their opinions.... Adam