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    Honeywell/Lyric Home app

    Can someone explain how I set up a heating schedule in the Honeywell Home app? When I choose the start/stop time and temperature and click save it creates a heating period but then when I click back in the period I just created the times are completely different to that I chose.
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    Upgrade to Honeywell T6R-HW smart thermostat

    Hi guys, I've tried to upgrade my current CH programmer from a Randall 4033 to a Honeywell T6R-HW. I have an Ideal Classic HE15 boiler, hot water tank upstairs in the spare bedroom and header tanks in the loft (hopefully that narrows down the type of CH system I have). The problem i have is...
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    DIY / Car workshp hire with tools

    I thought i'd post this as i was looking for a workshop for quite some time, and stumbled acroos this... a self service / workshop hire in Southend on Sea, Essex. Its called U-Spanner. They have a pretty impressive set of tools there and i think you can use pretty much any tool in the workshop...