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    email accounts

    Not really up on computers, so need some advice please. I currently have BT Yahoo broadband, and have been using a BT email like this ( My wife's job means that she needs to access her work stuff from home, so her employer is going to set up a new broadband connection...
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    Laying floor tiles

    I'm about to start laying some 200mm quarry tiles in my conservatory. Because there will be a lot of them (room 16ft by 9ft), what is the best way to keep them dead square - spacers or by eye? Done quite a bit of tiling, but a bit rusty at floors. Thank you
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    Kitchen hob isolator

    Designing a new kitchen, and would like to have only sockets above worktop - nice and clean. Do I have to have a hob isolator switch on the wall, or can this go in the cupboard below / alongside. Got my spark coming in next week, and would like to have design sorted asap.. Thanks
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    window to door conversion

    Looking for some guidance here chaps... I have a door width window that the wife wants making into a door (to the outside). 1. Does this require to be done under building control? 2. What should I be looking for in terms of existing lintels? Does each skin have it's own lintel? 3. I plan...
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    Connecting basin and shower wastes

    I intend to install a standalone shower in my bathroom and move the basin from its current position to another wall. Is it possible to connect the waste and shower together with 40mm, or will I get problems with the shower trap gurgling when emptying the basin? The sequence would be: waste...
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    Positioning electric shower

    I'm trying to work out a design for my new bathroom which will be using an electric shower (10.5kW). I won't be fitting it (electrically), but will be sorting the plumbing to it. Can the unit go above the bath itself, or does it have to on one side, sort of on the other side of the shower...
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    "Modesty" wall

    I need to build a "modesty" wall between a bath and a WC, something that screens the WC from the bath. It needs to be about 4 foot high, and the width of the bath (3 foot?). I planned to use a frame made out of 4x2, then cover it with tile backer board. However, although I can anchor the frame...
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    Sizing water tanks

    Hi All I'm planning to fit a shower pump (probably a Stuart Turner Monsoon 2.0) to my bathroom. On their website, they recommend the minimum size of hot and cold water tanks (136 litre and 225 respectively). How can I work out the capacity of the tanks in the airing cupboarb and loft? Thanks
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    Sticking plasterboard

    Can I use Pinkgrip adhesive to stick 9.5mm plasterboard over old ceramic wall tiles? I would intend to skim and paint the plasterboard. Thanks
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    Replacing T&G with ply ready for tiling

    Can somebody confirm I'm OK with this? 1. Rip up bathroom flooring to rework plumbing 2. Replace with 18mm wpb ply straight onto joists ( should they butt, or do I need expansion gaps?) 3. Secure with 2" screws every 300mm Floor should be ready for ceramic tiling..... I was going to talk...
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    suggestions for joint type

    Can you suggest best way of joining this worktop (from ikea)? 1. Mason mitre? 2. Butt with biscuits? 3. 45 degree mitre? Thanks
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    Quickest way to fix wall ready for tiling

    Just been going over the job I need to do (fit new bath suite and retile), and a thought has struck me. I fully expect when I bolster the old tiles off, some of the plaster will come of with the tiles. If that happenned, I planned to make good with something like hardwall backing plaster to...
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    New bathroom taps on old copper piping

    Sorry to ask again, but don't want to screw this job up for ma in law. 1. She has bought a bath /sink/toilet from Bee and Queue, so the taps (new) will be current size - is that 22mm or 3/4"? 2. The house is an ex council of circa 1960, so I think the the larger bore pipe be 3/4" not 22mm...
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    Electrical advice, please

    Hi All I've had some really good advice from the Plumbers about installing a shower. I have reposted their responses below, 'cos the final question is more electrical, and is concerned about connecting an "all in one" shower unit (pump and controls in one wall mounted box). Is my thinking...
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    Tiling shower enclosures

    Sorry for asking again, but been thinking about how to tile the shower encloser in my ma in laws. Where the shower is going is in a corner where two stud walls meet, so the background is basic plasterboard. Would my best option be to use ext. ply and then tile with waterproof adhesive and...
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    Tile on tile finishing

    I know there are mixed views on tile on tile, instead of removing the originals. If I was to go with the tile on tile option, how do I finish the top tile? It's just that say where the tiling stops half way up the wall (over the bath), there would be a definite "ledge" that would be visible...
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    installing a shower

    Been asked to install a shower in mother in laws. System is a none combi, with cold feed from loft tank (so hot and cold at same pressure). If I was to recommend a good thermostatic mixer (any recommendations?), could I just not tee off existing hot and cold supplies in bathroom? Or do I have...
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    Painting skirting boards - carpet removal?

    Just thought I'd check your thoughts on this. When painting skirting, is it always best to pull the carpet / underlay back, or are there any clever techniques to avoid this? I've experimented with masking tape and newspapers, and apart from taking ages, I was concerned about "bleed through"...
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    BCO advice please

    Hi All The cottage that I own (well the building society owns!) is essentially an early Victorian workers cottage that was "modernised" in the late 60's by an "architect". I use the quotes around the term architect as the modifications included: 1. Flat roof utility extension to the kitchen...
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    Inserting a tee connector

    Don't laugh, but I've just spent a couple (actually four :( )of fun hours cussing and swearing underneath my mate's sink unit plumbing it in. I needed to tee off the existing hot and cold runs - simple enough, eh? My question - how do the pros get a connector into an existing run? I cut the...