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    Stone Bath...

    Doesn't seem like the right subsection for this, but then again, it doesn't fit in any of them - and it was a plumbing job to install, so.... I bought and installed a stone resin bath in my attic room a couple of years ago. A massive crack has appeared in the inside -- it appears to be a...
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    Freezing Condensate.

    Hello all. I have an external condensate that freezes daily at the moment. I have had a look at installing condensate trace heating, but will pipe insulation work just as well? Any advice/methods on stopping the thing freezing, I would appreciate. Thanks. Lenny.
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    Forgot the bloomin' gap.

    Hi All. Asking for a bit of advice (and feeling like a total donut). I put some pine cladding on the internal window recess with the idea of using oak veneer or painting to match the woodwork. The wood has been attached with adhesive. The problem is, that I didn't leave an expansion gap...